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Greg the Orc: another cognitive profile

I am a disorganized thinker, to say the least, and though I come up on the Gregorc Profiler of personality types (which I first saw during my graduate TA training1 in 1994) as being a balance between abstract and concrete, between sequential and random, I lean a little bit toward Concrete-Random, and have drifted further in the direction of random over the years, though I'm almost right on the abstract/concrete middle line.

As an ENFP (crusader/journalist) on the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, I should be an abstract random, but I am also an scientist and engineer by training, and have sometimes tested as INFP or even INTP (always as an NP or idealist).

In other news, figgylicious, narvi, and taiji_jian have been PWNED two nights in a row in trivia... but it came at a price.

Okay! Back to work.

1 zengeneral and twinbee were going through this in the last week, and it made me think of my GTA experiences from 9-11 years back.

Tags: dreams, mtbi, myers-briggs, trivia

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