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Dumbest Tolkien illustrations... ever!

Cross-posted from teunc.

The redoubtable Dwarf gondhir presents us with this chilling creation from Klaus Enzikat, the artist of the German edition of LOTR. This is worse than the kiwis on the cover!

In other news:

  • I am swamped, and that's a fact. Today, I spent the morning catching up on CIS 490/730 (Intro AI) and CIS 732 work, then dashed to six afternoon meetings: three with students, then a Graduate Council meeting, then the Ecological Genomics one, then a make-up meeting of the Decision Making Agents meeting. EcoGen posters are due in nine days. Whew!

  • Speaking of Decision Making Agents, massforge is off to a good start, but we really need to get coordinated on the GUI development and the web site.

  • The Google-KFL-Microsoft hearing is done. Now we wait; Judge González is due to rule on Tuesday 13 Sep 2005.

Tags: bad artwork, google, humor, illustrations, kai-fu lee, massforge, microsoft, tolkien

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