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A myriad comments and a hundred thousand welcomes

Congratulations to tempest_chan
for posting the 10,000th comment in my LiveJournal!

Second, belated welcomes to over 30 new friends who added me in the last 6 months or so!

September: dorukai, prophetum, altamira16
August: ladie_bug, demonqueen125, flemco, caelum, det_n
July: nikolasco, sylunethesigher, orangerful, nanaki117, serryce
June: de_profundiis, doomedtoreality, smugglers_prize, prahlad, adele87, futuretvwriter, prezzey, mom_counsel, thaleias_spirit
May: hockeyfrog, thekuffs, the_wanlorn, torificus, filipinangel, kathhazel, dsthenes, slimnerd, tmehlinger
April: taiji_jian, artoni, azhure, penfold_x
March: darsinterests, noordzee, frodolivz4evr, lemonly

If you see this, I'd appreciate it if you'd post a brief introduction just so people know who you are.
Besides students past and present (nanaki117, prahlad, thekuffs, tmehlinger), filipinangel, and penfold_x, I've never met any of you, so I look forward to getting to know you through this journal. Or, in the case of taiji_jian and dsthenes, learning more about you that I can use to blackmail you later. ;-)

Tags: comments, friends, friends list, livejournal

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