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My hed iz pastede on yey and in memoriam: _redpanda_

It is a testament to MediaWikis and the Wikipedia movement that I was able to find the original pastede on reference (from this comment by shinigami_co in the JournalFen community fandom_wank1) within just a couple of minutes.

In other news: jereeza IMed me this morning with the sad news that kielle/_redpanda_, founder of the metaquotes community, died yesterday. I didn't know _redpanda_ at all, but of course I had heard of metaquotes, which serves as an LJ quote repository (cf. only not limited to humor alone). From _redpanda_'s user info page I gleaned a Chinese translation of MY HED IZ PASTEDE ON YEY, which she helped to popularize:
Wo de tow bei jan shan la, tai how la!

(This should probably be wo3 de4 tou2 shi4 zhan1 shang4 de4, tai4 hao3 le4! but as the version she posted is spelled analogously to PASTEDE, it only adds to the funniness.)

R.I.P. You can see from the tremendous outpouring of sympathy and grief how well-liked she was.

1 While I'm on the subject of blogging services based on the LJ code, I may as well mention that sui_degeneris has pointed out that I tend to use <lj user=...> and <lj comm=...> to link to users and communities on external blogging services, which leads to "Page Not Found" errors or misdirections when clicked upon. I'd always figured that putting "on {GreatestJournal | DeadJournal | JournalFen | etc.}" would preclude the dread 404, but gondhir and sui_degeneris reminded me that (a) the link is still wrong even if I point it out; (b) people can't be bothered to read any more than I can be bothered to cut and paste a link. The upshot of all this is that:

1. I've decided to use URLs or plain text in such instances for the time being.
2. I would really like to know if there is any cross-service tag that people have proposed - e.g., <xlj comm=...> for LiveJournal, <xgj comm=...> for GreatestJournal, <xdj comm=...> for DeadJournal, <xjj comm=...> for JournalFen, <xbj comm=...> for Blogger, <xmj comm=...> for Moveable Type, etc. Has anyone proposed such a thing, and if so, how did The Powers That Be respond?

Tags: encyclopaedia dramatica, in memoriam, metaquotes, my hed iz pastede on yay, wikipedia

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