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Figasso's Zan Degola

Happy birthday, figgylicious!

gondhir was first to answer Salome!Fig's desire for the head of Bana the Baptist on a platter:

by gondhir, based upon Salomé Receives the Head of Saint John the Baptist, by Caravaggio, c. 1609-1610
(Image from the National Gallery, London, UK)

After which...

How could I but reciprocate?

Inspired by gondhir, with apologies to Titian. Based on Salomé with the Head of John the Baptist, painted circa 1515, now in the Galleria Doria Pamphilj, Rome.

You see? Macromedia Fireworks MX does have its uses.

Many happy returns, Fig! May your Fig Basket be filled with the heeads of yer enemees!
(And your friends, too, apparently.)

Tags: birthdays, caravaggio, decapitation, figgylicious, fireworks, image manipulation, john the baptist, photoshop, titian

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