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SF discussion highlights and the unholy wrath of jereeza!

Wot the patootie is this? -yodge
What the hell are you making me listen to? -miyeko
Something for everyone! -gondhir

What newold devilry is this?
gondhir found Uzas!
Horrors! Strong Bad and the Cheat never visited this upon us... oh, the humanity!

This musical creation by jereeza features the apparent sounds of:

  • Puppies being run over

  • A tribe of lemurs on drugs

  • Tribbles

  • Darth Vader

  • A happy monkey dominatrix

set to a techno beat.

How, you ask? Best not to ask!

... no, really!
Fear! Fire! Foes! Uzas!

In other news: Here are some highlights of the Star Wars/Matrix/Star Trek discussion from last week:

Tags: insanity, jereeza, madness, music, scary things, star trek, star wars, strong bad, techno, teunc, the matrix, uzas

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