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Since I found Serenity

Happy birthday, masteralida!

My gift to you was going to be serenity, but then I realized: a day will bring it to you, and no amount of time will bring it to you. ;-)
I was going to offer you a certificate of respect from us young 'uns (darana, phawkwood, lonsolo, deire, queenmidalah, ldymlissa, me, etc.) but you get that every year!

Please accept, instead:

  • this roll of ninja tape

  • a blessed +2 d20 of Rocks Fall, Everyone Dies!

  • banazir's patented Alliance Mandarin-to-English babelfish, specially genetically engineered for super-crispiness! No matter how atrociously the putunghua gets massacred, you'll be able to understand it!

  • your very own Cylon brain infestation - non-transferable, but RP character substitutions are always possible...

  • a cantrip: Remove Glamor - for when you don't want to look like a wooden "American indian"

  • Hermione Granger's spell of Slow JRT - this messes with the space-time continuum something fierce, so use it sparingly

  • a spare magazine of rock salt

Many, many happy returns.

Tags: birthdays, masteralida

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