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Going easy on them

"You're going to go easy on them, right, Dr. Hsu?" asked one of our grad students about my short talk at the KSU Cultural Studies Symposium.
"I just hope they go easy on me," I replied. Hurgh. I still dknot know wot exacterly I am going to wibble about. I have lots of technical talks about collaborative filtering and even the impact of intelligent systems on society written, but I am knot acusstomed to addressing humanities faculty and English majors. Any ideas would be appreciated, especially before 08:30 CST tomorrow morning (Sat 08 Mar 2003).

And, in the spirit of bandwaggon-teunceing, here's a lille queastionaire from mirabehn and angelislington:

I ____ Banazir.
Banazir is ____.
If Banazir and I were stuck on a desert island with only one metric ton of CHOKLIT between us, I would _____.
If confronted with a giant fell duck, Banazir would probably _____.
I think Banazir should _____.
Banazir loves to help _____.
Banazir's humor can best be described as ______.
Banazir solves problems _____.
Banazir needs ______.
Banazir's other friends are ______.
Someday Banazir will ________.
Banazir's ______ could really stand improvement.
Banazir's ______ are rather good.
Without Banazir _______.


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