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Like molasses

Two weeks, again, and more.

Thanks to all who have helped with previous ones, which I posted on:

Thanks to atrusttheotaku for advice on last week's problems.

Here's my fortnightly update:

Now for the new questions:
Crashy Skype

Does anyone else get frequent memory-related errors with Skype Beta? They seem to be non-crashing buffer overruns.

Gentoo or not Gentoo, that is the question

Do you recommend Gentoo Linux over FreeBSD as a file server OS? Why or why not? How about as a web server? An applications server?

We've suffered from a dearth of apps and limited experience with *BSD in my current crop of student developers. Some are recommending a transition back to Linux, and Gentoo is among the best balances of efficiency and security that I know of. My main criterion is Network File System (NFS) performance. As long as that is good, all else is negotiable. Response time is important, too.


Who among you is familiar with Subversion? Do you recommend it as a replacement for CVS? How good is the Eclipse plugin? We are doing small-team (3-5 people) development in Java and C++.

Thanks very much in advance!

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