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I conjure it's a Big Damn Movie: Serenity observations

Cross-posted from fireflyfans:

Any other teachers have a sudden urge to make an icon of the opening scene with River's tablet stylus? I'm just sayin'...

Was it just me, or was anybody else saying "My skeletunz r pastede on yey" during Serenity's trip into Reaver space?

Apparently, Cool Whip works better than bacta and Mr. Miyagi's powder.

Something I didn't see mentioned anywhere else, cross-posted from fireflyfans:
Did Inara flash-bomb the Operative with fake joss sticks?

If so, I wonder if that was a deliberate pun... :-D

I've started watching the DVDs of the TV series, including the one aired ep I never caught on TV ("Bushwhacked") and the three unaired ones ("The Message", "Trash", "Heart of Gold".).

Tags: crossing the footlights, firefly, in-joke, movie, serenity

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