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Mistletoe babies

Trippy noticed that a lot of TEUNCs seem to have birthdays clustered around the end of September, leading to a speculation that a lot of use were "mistletoe babies".
I, for one, was actually a post-New-Year baby, as I was born two weeks early, landing me smack in the middle of the zodiacal symbol Libra (September 23 - October 22).
How about you all?

Speaking of tian1ping2 (Balance), the Chinese characters for Serenity were ping2jing4 in Firefly and ning2jing4 in the Serenity film. This information is from the Firefly Chinese Pinyinary. Any idea why?

Lots of Serenity icons are out this week.
If I see one more "leaf on the wind"... well, actually, some of them make good generic tributes. I picked one out for Softy.

I might do a dialogue synopsis in the style of LOTR (lotr_msting), Lost or Episode III.

I haven't forgotten about my Firefly contest from last August, BTW!
Deprocrastination on teaching and research fronts has to come first, is all.

"Serenity's the name of the ship, right? Because, well, nobody seemed all that serene."

Tags: babies, birthdays, christmas, new year, serenity

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