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A meme, a thought, and a welcome

jereeza posted the meme:
Google for "(your name) wants"

Here are my first ten results:

  • Bill wants schools to get fresh (um?)

  • Bill Wants To Keep Jews, Muslims From High US Elected Office (bha!)

  • Can or Bottle, Bill Wants Makers to Pay for Recycling (hrm, ok)

  • If Bill wants to sit in my den... (yes?)

  • Senate Bill Wants P.E. Back in Nation's Schools (you've surely guessed before now what all these Bills are)

  • New bill wants to offer loans (New Bill!)

  • Bill wants homeowners to maintain village parks (what is this, NationStates?)

  • Bill wants GSIS, SSS to cover college bills (I dknot even know what those are)

  • Ohio Bill Wants to Hide Names of Concealed Carry Holders (concealed carry wot? CHOKLIT swords?)

  • A doll, a doll, William wants a doll (I just know sui_degeneris is going to record this. I just know it.)

Here's a thought about screen adaptations of LOTR, cross-posted from teunc:

I was sitting down to lunch and saying a silent, abbreviated hobbit grace when something occurred to me. A lot of people in AFT/RABT have made the correct and fairly self-evident observation that there will never be a "definitive LOTR film" that satisfies everyone - if for no reason other than that book purists such as Louis Epstein deem the very concept oxymoronic.

That said, Softy was right on the money in one critical regard: no film has yet managed to fully convey some of the deeper messages of Tolkien's world. All due respect to Phil Jackson, Barrie Osborne, Phillipa Boyens and the WETA Digital people, to Alan Lee, to Trippy, and to the rest of the multitude who contributed to the immersive experience: IMHO, they did a great job and should be proud of what they did. Like many, I take issue with the look and feel of certain elements of the films - Lorien and Galadriel's temptation stand foremost in my mind.

But I don't mean visuals only. IMO, as critically-thinking readers of LOTR have said for decades, no screen treatment is going to convey the themes of LOTR to a mutual level of satisfaction, unless it addresses certain things that are not amenable to theatrical format and accessible to a wide audience. For a lot of us, it may not be possible within 8-12 hours. I'm sure that for some this is an uncharacteristically elitist and purist view coming from someone such as me, but I'm in a Socratic mood, so bear with me.

What brought this on is that I realized that I want to see the quotidian aspects of life in Middle-earth, and the details that Tolkien used to make his story world unfold so convincingly. I need the little details about life in Minas Tirith, Beregond, the meal that Frodo and Sam take with the rangers of Ithilien, the "long, boring period of walking" from Hobbiton to Bree. Big, expensive CGA-based, digitally composited shots of ruins on a hill just don't cut it for me.

Perhaps I'm starting to cross over into adult LOTR fandom. Perhaps some in Alfantolia will now call me old. I'm not entirely dismayed by the prospect.

Your thoughts, my friends?

Welcome to some new friends - please leave an introduction here, if you like:
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06 Oct 2005: timsinister
06 Oct 2005: util
05 Oct 2005: spiderfarmer
03 Oct 2005: abrichar
17 Sep 2005: blablabla1345
13 Sep 2005: kewldeaf (welcome back)

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