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I miss the dazs when mirabehn and angelislington used to psot in my LJ.
The last coupla weenks have been qwiet... no Rogs, no Bards, no Fwemen, and pwecious few Dragonks.
cybeles_prince (the only one I know who was rooting fro Ruben Studdard) and starfish82 have been qwiet, too.
So, crypthanatopsis, andrewwyld, immortalvisions, istari_ala, mrowe, koinonia and other TEUNCs... wot's it going to take?

Hrm. Odd.
You are Trinity-
You are Trinity, from "The Matrix."
Strong, beautiful- you epitomize the ultimate

What Matrix Persona Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

I feared it was so.
You're the best -- you know it, as does everyone
else (except for US News and World Report every
few years). You might not be hip, you might not
be pretty, but you're smart as a whip and you
never need to do another impressive thing in
your life.

Which Ivy League University is right for YOU?
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Note - I dknot have naz slaves! This must refer to myelf.
Sick of cleaning, washing dishes or doing you
homework? Get your Hobbit to do it instead.

LOTR - If You Owned A Hobbit What Would You Use It For?
brought to you by Quizilla


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