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20-15 Hindsight: robust systems, a user-centric view

Well, here are a few things to remember if you become departmental sysadmin someday. Just some things that happened perforce that we learned about the hard way.

1. Don't use your departmental web server as the primary DNS server. Edit, 02:00 Sat 15 Oct 2005: Yes, we got rooted. Yes, the admins remapped the DNS. No, there was no effect.
2. Remember that if it doesn't work for a user, then it doesn't work - perhaps for a category of users to which the complainant belongs. (See: the User-Centric Manifesto; and yes, I speak of Gentoo)
3. Expect Teh Delay from campus computing, even for the likes of you, who might be in charge of (and responsible) for . Whether it be called "Homewood Academic Computing (HAC)", "Computing and Communications Services Office (CCSO)", or "Computing and Network Services (CNS)", it is like unto the proverbial Napoleonic army: it crawls on its stomach. Figuratively speaking, anyway.

Tags: annoyances, campus computing, computer problems, networking problems, rants

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