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Nanowrimo and Hypernovels: dramatis personae of tanelos

Per miyeko's suggestion, I've added a list of characters. It started off as a simple character index, but I've now hyperlinked it to all of the excellent character models that anim8t0rboi rendered for me last December. I've also added links to each chapter in which each character occurs. If this works out, I might have a hypernovel on my hands. I'm sure it isn't the first, but it may be one of the first ones in the SF genre, especially among Nanowrimo blogs.

Please check it out! Comments and feedback are appreciated - and if you want me to add you to the friends list of tanelos, just say so here.

Tags: character models, characters, hypermedia, nanowrimo, poser, sf, tane-los, weblogs, writing

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