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During caht last night, the ghosts of Isaac Asimov, E. E. "Doc" Smith, and Gene Roddenberry were evoked... by a ninnocuous-loonking tyope.


Bill (Banazir): First-Meeper, Ebwing-Mis, Mim-Kinnison, Gianni-Amalfi, House-Robot, Henry5, Disassembled-Henry5, Baxwards-Henry5
Nick (Menelvagor): Der_Grafengraf
Graham (Gondhir): Giskard, Sauron, Atanatar, Terminator, Fat_Bastard, Daneel_White, MiniHAL, MiniWookie
Demosthenes: Mendaciousness
David (Tripitaka): Green_Lantern, BOTulin_II, Generic_Dalek, Mark_II_Dalek, Robotic_Richard_Simmons, Angelic_Choir, Robby_the_Robot, TerryBOT
Mia (Hashberry): Hashie

[20:17] <Der_Grafengraf> i google, i mena
[20:17] <Der_Grafengraf> IN google
[20:17] <Gondhir> "I, Google"
[20:18] * Banazir changes topic to 'The Googles of Dawn'
[20:18] <Banazir> Google and Empire!
[20:18] <Banazir> Google City!
[20:19] <Gondhir> Google and Earth?
[20:19] <Gondhir> Google's Edge?
[20:19] <Gondhir> Prelude to Google?
[20:20] <Gondhir> Hairy Seldom?

[20:21] * Banazir changes topic to 'Froward The TEUNC Nation'
[20:21] <Banazir> UFAT == Second TEUNCnation?
[20:22] <Banazir> Alftantol == Galactic Empire?
[20:22] <Gondhir> Ah, but even the grate Hairy Seldom could not forsee the birth of such a mutant as the Rhino!
[20:22] <Banazir> BC == Terminus?
[20:23] <Banazir> Oh, MY!
[20:23] * Banazir is now known as First-Meeper
[20:23] <Tripitaka> With Yodge playing Arkady Darell, I s'pose
[20:23] * First-Meeper can't handle the words Yoj and Arkady in the same sentence
[20:24] <Tripitaka> And Arkady playing Sef Sermak
[20:24] <Der_Grafengraf> can jsut imaigne hmi in the chat
[20:24] <First-Meeper> Ah, he used to come caht
[20:24] <Tripitaka> I prefer to imagine Han Terry, IYP
[20:25] <First-Meeper> Sef Sermak... didn't he get tsarked with a Merasha Device in the end?
[ed. -- was thinking of Pelleas Anthor; merasha is a mind-muddling drug in Kurtz's Gwynedd series that affects Deryni (metapsychic operants) cf. the First Foundation's mental static device]
[20:25] <First-Meeper> (A device fro wreally making metapsychic operants go hurgh)
[20:25] <Tripitaka> *sigh*
[20:25] <First-Meeper> Was he pretending or was it fro wreal?
[20:26] <Tripitaka> Anybody who actually read the books, raise hand/paw/flipper/pseudopod
[20:26] * First-Meeper raises one of Morgil's swords
[20:26] <First-Meeper> Twice! But it was in 1984
[20:26] <First-Meeper> And 1990
[20:26] <Gondhir> There's books?
[20:27] <First-Meeper> OMG!!1!!!!1!!!! Orli as BEL RIOSE!

[20:27] <First-Meeper> I guess there ARE books
[20:27] <Tripitaka> Well... I can see it
[ed. --- wreally? Orlando Bloom? Odd. Of curse, the guy's playing Paris of Troy, so I suppose it can't get much odder.]
[20:27] * Gondhir has read them but it's been a while. And I don't think I've ever *re*-read naz of them.
[20:27] <Tripitaka> Who's Cleon then?
[20:27] <First-Meeper> Cleon... lessee...
[20:27] <First-Meeper> Bernard Hill?
[20:28] <Tripitaka> Stereotype!
[20:28] <First-Meeper> The Anacreonian emperor, nesupasu?
[20:28] <Tripitaka> We haven't even *seen* John Noble yet
[20:28] <First-Meeper> Ah, hokay, then
[20:28] <Tripitaka> Emperor of the Galaxy!
[20:28] <Tripitaka> (=Justinian I)
[20:28] <First-Meeper> Oh, wright
[20:28] <First-Meeper> Or Dlanod Sutherland
[20:28] <First-Meeper> The wumored Denethor
[20:29] <First-Meeper> Who'd play Hari Seldon?
[20:29] <Gondhir> Dlonad Sutherland as Denethor?
[20:29] <Tripitaka> Softrat
[20:29] * First-Meeper just had a nasty thot
[20:29] <Gondhir> And Keifer Sutherland as Faramir?
[ed. -- Aye think knot.]
[20:29] <First-Meeper> Terry Han as Hari Seldon
[20:29] <Tripitaka> Terry Han as Magnifico
[ed. -- "What you say now I KILL him ,my lady!"]
[20:30] <First-Meeper> "I know you FOUNDATION ,people now say WHAT we doing here on Terminus , haHAHA"
[20:30] <Gondhir> For the convoluted meaningfull but uninterpreble holographic messages?

[20:30] * First-Meeper is now known as Ebwing-Mis
[20:30] <Ebwing-Mis> I know wh-- *BLAM*
[20:30] <Ebwing-Mis> I DO KNOW, TH-- *BLAM*
[20:31] <Ebwing-Mis> WILL YEW STOP TAHT?! I SAID I-- *BLAM BLAM*
[20:31] <Ebwing-Mis> (If he were a Toon)
[20:32] * Gondhir can't remember naz names from naz of those books besides Hari Seldon, the Mule, Daneel, and... um... Gerard (the first psychic robot)?
[20:32] <Ebwing-Mis> How about Lije Baley?
[20:32] <Ebwing-Mis> Bayta and Celeborn?
[20:32] <Gondhir> Right, him. I forgot his name but now that you mention it, I remember it. ;)
[20:33] <Ebwing-Mis> Goran Trevize?
[20:33] <Hashie> HARI SELDON!
[20:33] <Hashie> We're talking Asimov and nobody told me?
[20:33] <Ebwing-Mis> LOL, odd timing there
[20:33] <Ebwing-Mis> Golan
[20:33] <Gondhir> Trevise. He was the main guy in the last two, right?
[20:33] <Gondhir> LOL. Sorry Hashie!
[20:34] <Ebwing-Mis> Foundation's Nedge and Foundation and Urp
[20:34] <Tripitaka> You like Asimov, Hax?
[20:34] * Gondhir nodders. I've read lal of them and remember the *book*'s names...
[20:34] <Ebwing-Mis> Stephen Byerly? Susan Calvin?
[20:34] <Gondhir> Susan Calvin, yeah.
[20:35] * Gondhir has *not* read lal the little robot short stories, though...
[20:35] <Gondhir> Just the novels and some of the stories.
[20:35] <Ebwing-Mis> Bliss (Asimov's turn at Pervy Unified Metapsychic Race Fancying)
[20:35] <Tripitaka> Susan Calvin is alive and well!
[20:35] <Gondhir> Errr... Bliss was the baby hermaphrodite, right?
[20:35] <Ebwing-Mis> Sure, she's only wot, 20?
[20:35] <Tripitaka> Also a terribly, if unintentionally, sexist portrayal of a female scientist
[20:35] <Ebwing-Mis> No, that was "Fallom"
[20:36] <Tripitaka> Thereabouts
[20:36] <Ebwing-Mis> Bliss was the Gaian hottie
[20:36] <Tripitaka> I think she was 18-19 in 1999
[20:36] <Gondhir> Oh, right.
[20:36] <Ebwing-Mis> Born 1982 IIRC
[20:36] <Ebwing-Mis> I read "I, Robot" in my eidetic days
[20:36] <Gondhir> She's lalmost my age!
[20:37] <Ebwing-Mis> *coughroboticistfetishcough*
[20:37] <Gondhir> LOL
[20:37] <Hashie> Very much, Trip.
[20:37] <Der_Grafengraf> pseakig of seixst, soem guy bax in the 50s, tryign to be progressive and whatnot, maintinaed that the astronauts wd need (female) prostitutes
[20:37] <Gondhir> *coughgaianfetishcough*
[20:37] <Der_Grafengraf> he sems to have simply assumed there wdn't be naz female astromanauts
[20:37] <Gondhir> LOL
[20:37] <Ebwing-Mis> Yes, memember the short story "Liar"?
[20:38] <Gondhir> Was that with the psychic robot?
[20:38] <Ebwing-Mis> Yes, proto-Giskard/Daneel
[20:38] <Der_Grafengraf> no, but Lewis worte a short story satiirizing the astroantus-need-tarts school
[20:38] <Gondhir> Yeah, I memember.
[20:38] <Ebwing-Mis> Of curse, I like the idea of talking robots to deeath with undecidable problems
[20:38] <Ebwing-Mis> And I read that before I was jaded by all of Kirk's antics
[ed. -- Landru, M5, Nomad]
[20:38] <Der_Grafengraf> it was kind fo misogynisitc, although one of the tarts began to acquire soul in sptie ofherelf
[20:39] <Ebwing-Mis> Bha, hurgh
[20:39] <Der_Grafengraf> ah, that oe where he gets the computer to commit suicide

[20:39] <Ebwing-Mis> This is why I dknot even particularly liek E. E. "Doc" Smith
[20:39] <Ebwing-Mis> Lalthough Smith's struff is ataleast goond shoot-em-up action
[20:39] <Ebwing-Mis> Kirk talked SEVERAL computers to deeath
[20:39] <Der_Grafengraf> "this unit must die; eeakkh!"
[20:39] <Ebwing-Mis> "Landru"
[20:40] <Tripitaka> EE Smith had no sense of proportion
[20:40] <Der_Grafengraf> I'm thinkig of a particalur one, though
[20:40] <Ebwing-Mis> "This unit" (the probe)
[20:40] <Ebwing-Mis> Yes, I know which one you mean
[20:40] <Tripitaka> Though I'd like to see EE Smith crossed with ee cummings
[20:40] <Ebwing-Mis> LOLOL
[20:40] * Hashie bows
[20:40] <Hashie> got to go now
[20:40] <Ebwing-Mis> gnught!
[20:40] <Hashie> Have fun!
[20:40] * Gondhir lalways finds it interesting when he reads "futuristic" stories that are set in years that have now lalready past..... without lal the futuristic predictions. ;)
[20:40] <Der_Grafengraf> gntutgo!]
[20:40] * Hashie hops oput
[20:40] * Hashie has left #teunc
[20:40] <Gondhir> Night, Hax. :)
[20:40] <Gondhir> Gah!
[20:40] <Ebwing-Mis> eddore trask
[20:41] <Der_Grafengraf> yah, the old ST has lots of thigns that seem very dated todaz; a rerto future!
[20:41] * Gondhir spent so much time hitting the X key instead of the Z key, I missed her...
[20:41] <Ebwing-Mis> zabriskan fontema rollingrollingrolling
[20:41] <Der_Grafengraf> there's even one, i heard, that sazs women can't be captains
[20:41] <Ebwing-Mis> nevians burble fishily
[20:42] <Tripitaka> I still like some of the old SF, 1930-1960
[20:42] * Gondhir memembers reading a short story with space ports and colonies on the moon and Mars set in the '60s some time... ;)
[20:42] <Ebwing-Mis> all bow before the power of the lens
[20:42] <Ebwing-Mis> the lens
[20:42] <Ebwing-Mis> the lens
[20:42] <Der_Grafengraf> knot surpsising, in a waz, given thast the average itnellegience of a feale in TOS is slightly less than that of a jellyfish
[20:42] <Ebwing-Mis> starkly indescribable
[20:42] <Der_Grafengraf> conpoter lab is cloesed
[20:42] <Der_Grafengraf> gotta run
[20:42] <Ebwing-Mis> Aw
[20:42] <Ebwing-Mis> Gnught
[20:42] <Tripitaka> bye, Graf!
[20:42] <Gondhir> Bye!
[20:42] * Der_Grafengraf has quit IRC (Quit: gngtuhto!)

[20:42] * Ebwing-Mis is now known as Mim-Kinnison
[20:42] * Gondhir is now known as Giskard
[20:43] <Tripitaka> I don't know why jellyfish can't be captains when three armed lizards can
[20:43] <Giskard> Pay no attention to the butler in the corner...
[20:43] <Mim-Kinnison> LensTEUNC vs. Metapsychic Robot!
[20:43] * Tripitaka is now known as Green_Lantern
[20:43] * Mim-Kinnison changes topic to 'A Psychic Duel of GALACTIC Proportions!'
[20:43] <Green_Lantern> My Power Ring will counteract the power of your Lens!
[20:43] <Mim-Kinnison> Never!
[20:43] * Giskard is now known as Sauron
[20:43] <Green_Lantern> It's not yellow, is it?
[20:44] <Sauron> *My* Power Ring will sweep you all away with the fury of my armies!
[20:44] * Green_Lantern zaps Kinnison and beams him into space
[20:44] <Mim-Kinnison> The Arisians taught me the SIKRIT of the Double Lens!
[20:44] <Sauron> And my Power Ring *is* yellow!
[20:44] <Sauron> BWAHAHAHAHAHAHahahahaaaaa!!!!!
[20:44] * Mim-Kinnison struggles with his space suit as he decelerates
[20:44] <Green_Lantern> I bear the Infinite Power of the Guardians!
[20:44] * Mim-Kinnison sends out a farspoken distress call
[20:44] <Green_Lantern> And I don't need a space suit!
[20:44] * Sauron is now known as Guest959125827
[20:44] * Guest959125827 is now known as Atanatar
[20:44] <Green_Lantern> Bah, Sauron, your ambitions are merely terrestrial
[20:45] * Mim-Kinnison waits for the allotropic iron-driven warp drives of the Galactic Patrol to bring them to him within minutes
[20:45] <Atanatar> Middle-Earth is just a base for future expansion...
[20:45] <Atanatar> Tilion is next on my list...

[20:45] * Mim-Kinnison is now known as Gianni-Amalfi
[20:45] <Green_Lantern> Kinnison - let us stop this needless warfare --
[20:45] <Green_Lantern> I have a SIKRIT plan!
[20:45] <Gianni-Amalfi> Does it involve Spindizzies?
[20:45] <Green_Lantern> No! Guess again!
[20:45] * Gianni-Amalfi spins up BC
[20:46] * Gianni-Amalfi takes BC into space
[20:46] * Atanatar listens in. "Don't mind me! I'm just a wandering super-powerfull Ainur who won't tell you his real name...
[20:46] * Gianni-Amalfi changes topic to 'Balrog Cuttings goes Okie!'
[20:46] <Gianni-Amalfi> We have lal the mithril!
[20:46] <Gianni-Amalfi> (== germanium)
[20:46] <Green_Lantern> "2003: Susan Calvin obtains B. Sc."
[20:47] <Gianni-Amalfi> Yerp
[20:47] <Green_Lantern> It doesn't say where from. One of your students, Ban?
[20:47] <Gianni-Amalfi> Why yes, acksherly
[20:47] <Gianni-Amalfi> Did yew know that two of our robots BRUNNED last month?
[20:48] <Green_Lantern> Rewire them and send them in as contestants on ROBOT WARS
[20:48] <Atanatar> Those darn positronic pathways...
[20:48] <Gianni-Amalfi> Irreplaceable acos the company has gone Bauch-up
[20:49] <Green_Lantern> Ach! Mein Bauch!
[20:49] <Gianni-Amalfi> ROBOT WARS? Or BATTLE BOTS?

[20:49] * Gianni-Amalfi changes topic to 'TEUNC Battle Bots!'
[20:49] * Gianni-Amalfi is now known as House-Robot
[20:49] <Atanatar> Battle Bots and Junkyard Wars!
[20:50] * House-Robot spins his Vibro-Ax
[20:50] <Green_Lantern> http://www.robotwars.com/
[20:50] * House-Robot cuts Green-Lantern in half
[20:50] * Atanatar is now known as Terminator
[20:50] * House-Robot cuts Atanatar in half
[20:50] * House-Robot cuts Terminator in half
[20:50] * House-Robot cuts Mendaciousness in half
[20:50] * Green_Lantern is now known as BOTulin_II
[20:50] * Terminator 's two halves melt back together again.
[20:51] * House-Robot sprays Terminator with liquid N
[20:51] * BOTulin_II circles nervously around House-Robot
[20:51] * House-Robot sprays BOTulin_II with liquid N
[20:51] * BOTulin_II attacks Terminator with double spiked flipper action
[20:51] * Terminator is a newer unit with an internal heating system. I am immune to cold.
[20:51] * House-Robot wibbles "Hasta la vista, bebe!" in a synthetic voice
[20:51] * BOTulin_II spins round and round frustratingly close to flame pit
[20:51] * House-Robot sprays Terminator with lava
[20:52] * BOTulin_II stops moving
[20:52] * Terminator absorbs the HR's flippers and holds them in place.
[20:52] * Terminator walks over to the lava pit and drops HR in.
[20:52] * House-Robot floats up on jets
[20:52] * House-Robot SMASHES BOTtulin_II with hammer extension
[20:52] * Terminator morphs into a ceiling over the pit, trapping HR inside.
[20:53] * Terminator changes topic to 'Morphing is CLLO!'
[20:53] * BOTulin_II is now known as Generic_Dalek
[20:53] * Generic_Dalek enters the ring
[20:53] <Generic_Dalek> Exterminate! Exterminate!
[20:53] * House-Robot opens a whole through Terminator using his pressurized HNO_3 jet
[20:53] * House-Robot opens Generic_Dalek with its can opener extension
[20:53] * Generic_Dalek zaps House-Robot with phase gun
[20:54] * House-Robot adapts
[20:54] <Terminator> LOL
[20:54] * House-Robot plays Simpsons' "HA-HA" at Generic_Dalek
[20:54] * Generic_Dalek bleats in irritating blackboard-nail voice
[20:54] * House-Robot infects Generic_Dalek with Davros-killing SARS variant
[20:54] * Generic_Dalek zaps audience with phase gun out of pique
[20:54] * Terminator morphs into a hydrogen bomb and turns the city into radioactive dust.
[20:55] * Generic_Dalek spins around several times and runs into lava pit
[20:55] * House-Robot 's shields go out from the blast
[20:55] * House-Robot turns on backups
[20:55] * Generic_Dalek is now known as Mark_II_Dalek
[20:55] <House-Robot> I thought T-1000s couldn't morph into bombs?
[20:56] * Terminator is a T-100000
[20:56] * House-Robot uses a Romulan disruptor extension to blast through Mark_II_Dalek's studded armor
[20:56] <Terminator> We can transsubstantiate.
[20:56] * House-Robot plays Simpsons' "HA-HA" at Mark_II_Dalek
[20:56] * House-Robot wants to see Terminator turn water into uine
[20:57] * Terminator drinks water and expels urine as requested.
[20:57] <House-Robot> That's knot uine!
[20:57] * Mark_II_Dalek blasts House-Robot with flamethrower as a diversionary tactic
[20:57] * House-Robot laughs at puny flames
[20:57] * Mark_II_Dalek inverts gravitational field
[20:57] * House-Robot spins around ponderously, looking for Mark_II_Dalek
[20:57] * House-Robot floats up
[20:58] * House-Robot activates magnetic treads
[20:58] * Mark_II_Dalek remains stuck to floor by powerful magnet
[20:58] <House-Robot> Hah! Slow are your reflexes
[20:58] * Mark_II_Dalek releases all missing WMDs at House Robot
[20:58] * House-Robot is not surprised
[20:59] <Terminator> LOL. So *that*'s where they went!
[20:59] * House-Robot activates EMP and deactivates WMD detonators
[20:59] * House-Robot goes around and extracts chemical warheads from WMDs
[20:59] <Mark_II_Dalek> Including: Used Dictatorial Shoes
[20:59] * House-Robot collects shoes
[21:00] <Mark_II_Dalek> Dictatorial Underwear
[21:00] * House-Robot collects underwear
[21:00] <Mark_II_Dalek> Dictatorial Mustache Lotion
[21:00] * Terminator Banazir Collects Underwear!
[21:00] * House-Robot collects mustache lotion
[21:00] * Terminator changes topic to 'Banazir Collects Underwear!'
[21:00] <Terminator> Wrong command...
[21:00] * House-Robot bruns bioweapons (shoes, underwear, mustache lotion)
[21:00] * House-Robot changes topic to 'Banazir BRUNS Underwear!'
[21:01] <House-Robot> Time for Mark III Dalek
[21:01] <Mark_II_Dalek> Why doesn't Davros have a mustache?
[21:01] * House-Robot lightsabres Mark II Dalek
[21:01] <House-Robot> He has no hair atoll, nesupasu?
[21:01] <Mark_II_Dalek> True, true... not even eyebrows
[21:02] <House-Robot> Liek Richard Gephardt?
[21:02] <Mark_II_Dalek> Dalek launches himself from shell at House Robot and *bites* it
[21:02] * House-Robot laughs at Biting-Dalek
[21:02] <Mark_II_Dalek> Richard Gephardt is one of the "V" aliens
[21:02] <Terminator> Richard Simmons?
[21:02] * House-Robot activates Monty Python Sword extension
[21:02] <House-Robot> Ooh! Visitors!
[21:02] <House-Robot> Gween laliens!
[21:02] <Mark_II_Dalek> I've seen him swallow capybaras whole!
[21:02] <House-Robot> LOL
[21:03] <House-Robot> Poor Softrat
[21:03] <House-Robot> He is a happybara, yernow
[21:03] <Terminator> As opposed to a sadbara?
[21:03] <House-Robot> There are no sadbaras nazmore
[21:03] <House-Robot> They are extunct
[21:03] <Mark_II_Dalek> They died of grief
[21:03] <Terminator> Awww. How sad...
[21:03] <House-Robot> Yerp

[21:04] * Mark_II_Dalek is now known as Robotic_Richard_Simmons
[21:04] <House-Robot> Aiieee!
[21:04] * House-Robot has met his match
[21:04] * House-Robot deactivates his audio sensors
[21:04] <Robotic_Richard_Simmons> Shake shake shake
[21:04] <Robotic_Richard_Simmons> Shake shake shake
[21:05] <Robotic_Richard_Simmons> Shake yo' booty
[21:05] * House-Robot deactivates his video sensors
[21:05] <Robotic_Richard_Simmons> Shake yo' booty!
[21:05] * Robotic_Richard_Simmons shakes booty
[21:05] * House-Robot repairs his positronic brain
[21:05] * Robotic_Richard_Simmons tosses House-Robot in lava pit
[21:05] * Terminator watches RRS dancin' to the Oldies...
[21:05] * House-Robot stays to melt
[21:05] <Robotic_Richard_Simmons> Whatcha doin' in the pit? Yeah....
[21:05] * House-Robot finds a SIKRIT tunnel
[21:05] * Terminator is now known as Far_Bastard
[21:05] <Robotic_Richard_Simmons> Whatcha doin' in the pit? Yeah...
[21:06] <House-Robot> FAR Bastard?
[21:06] <Far_Bastard> Help me, Robotic Richard Simmons!
[21:06] <Robotic_Richard_Simmons> You should be dancin', yeah... dancin', yeah!
[21:06] * Far_Bastard is now known as Fat_Bastard
[21:06] * House-Robot crawls into the tunnel
[21:06] * House-Robot cleans off lava
[21:06] <House-Robot> Hrm, interesting
[21:06] * House-Robot crawls into the depths of the earth, away from Robotic_Richard_Simmons
[21:06] * Fat_Bastard dances to the Oldies and the world trembles...
[21:07] * House-Robot is trapped in a cave-in
[21:07] * House-Robot activates mining lamps
[21:07] * House-Robot activates mining extensions
[21:07] * House-Robot drills upward at a 15-degree incline to the surface
[21:07] * House-Robot comes out of the ground directly below Fat_Bastard
[21:08] * House-Robot drills Fat_Bastard a gnu one
[21:08] * Fat_Bastard collapses onto HR, still dancin', and crushes him.
[21:08] <Robotic_Richard_Simmons> Oooh baby I love your way
[21:08] <House-Robot> Ow
[21:08] <Robotic_Richard_Simmons> Every day
[21:08] <House-Robot> Lawa! So THAT'S wot "Bauchklang" means
[21:09] <Fat_Bastard> La!
[21:09] <House-Robot> Fat Bastard, hor
[21:09] <House-Robot> Got big hole in Bauch, lah
[21:10] * House-Robot activates Cone of Silence extension
[21:10] <Robotic_Richard_Simmons> Feelings... nothing more than feelings
[21:10] * House-Robot blasts Cone at Robotic_Richard_Simmons
[21:10] <Robotic_Richard_Simmons> Woh woh woh Feelings
[21:10] * House-Robot is amazzled that the Cone doesn't work
[21:10] <Robotic_Richard_Simmons> Feelzzzrrpppngkrang shpot shpot shpot zrrap!
[21:10] <Fat_Bastard> He is inVINCEable!
[21:10] * House-Robot is relieved
[21:11] <House-Robot> He shorted oot on his own!
[21:11] <Robotic_Richard_Simmons> Keeepwong drubbadrubbadrubba blWOING

[21:11] <House-Robot> Praise be to God, and knot our stwength, fro eet
[21:11] <Robotic_Richard_Simmons> krunch krunch krunch fizzzz......
[21:11] * House-Robot sings Non Nobis
[21:11] * Robotic_Richard_Simmons falls in lava pit and burns up
[21:12] * Robotic_Richard_Simmons is now known as Angelic_Choir
[21:12] * House-Robot is now known as Henry5
[21:12] * Fat_Bastard changes topic to 'And there was much rejoicing...'
[21:12] <Angelic_Choir> Non nobis Domine, Domine
[21:12] <Henry5> Henry5 ALIVE!
[21:12] <Angelic_Choir> Non nobis Domine...
[21:12] <Henry5> No disassemble!
[21:12] <Angelic_Choir> Sed nomine
[21:12] <Angelic_Choir> Sed nomine
[21:12] <Angelic_Choir> tuo da gloria!
[21:12] * Fat_Bastard is now known as Daneel_White
[21:13] * Daneel_White is a nerd robot...
[21:13] * Angelic_Choir is now known as Robby_the_Robot
[21:13] <Robby_the_Robot> Danger! Danger!
[21:13] * Robby_the_Robot grips Daneel_White with pincer
[21:14] * Daneel_White invents something ridiculous and vanquishes Robby_the_Robot in spite of his clumsy bungling.
[21:14] * Robby_the_Robot attempts to drag Daneel to a place of safety
[21:14] <Henry5> No dissassemble Henry5!
[21:15] * Robby_the_Robot disassembles Henry5
[21:15] <Henry5> No disassemble!
[21:15] <Mendaciousness> henry 5 is alive
[21:15] <Mendaciousness> something something
[21:15] <Henry5> No disass--
[21:15] <Henry5> The guz in Short Circuit meminds me of Meneldil
[21:15] <Daneel_White> Mendaciousness is alive!
[21:15] * Henry5 is now known as Disassembled-Henry5
[21:15] * Robby_the_Robot is now known as TerryBOT
[21:15] <Mendaciousness> yeah, srrez, busy with torn stuff
[21:15] * Daneel_White is now known as MiniHAL
[21:15] <Disassembled-Henry5> Henry5 disassembled!
[21:16] <Disassembled-Henry5> Somebuddy reassemble Henry5!
[21:16] <TerryBOT> I like when olw izard GANDLAF fall of tower ha ha but when he punch groud???
[21:16] <Disassembled-Henry5> Don't you hate it when you punch groud?
[21:16] * MiniHAL does.
[21:17] * Disassembled-Henry5 watches MiniHAL crater
[21:17] <Disassembled-Henry5> Somebuddy reassemble Henry5!
[21:17] * MiniHAL wonders what would happen if you fed Terry Han's psots into a MegaHAL. Would the output be more or less comprehensible?
[21:17] <Disassembled-Henry5> Oh, I think he's a long ways away from total incoherence
[21:17] <TerryBOT> My friend say wizard Sarrom dead I say need eydorps ha Im joking
[21:17] <Disassembled-Henry5> LOL
[21:20] <TerryBOT> What PJs please friens chrus in scene harry man withnife?
[21:21] <Disassembled-Henry5> Somebuddy reassemble Henry5!

[21:21] * MiniHAL reassembles Henry5.... incompetantly.
[21:21] <Disassembled-Henry5> (Yew know that's wot he would have said fro two huors if he HAD been disassembled)
[21:21] * Disassembled-Henry5 is now known as Baxwards-Henry5
[21:21] <TerryBOT> But serously I want no did tree men wash into lavapit?
[21:22] <Baxwards-Henry5> You incompetent Wookiee!
[21:22] <Baxwards-Henry5> I'm BAXWARDS!
[21:22] * MiniHAL is now known as MiniWookie
[21:22] <TerryBOT> I think if tree men robot men woud be beter Im joking PJ
[21:22] <MiniWookie> I am *not* an Ewok, damnit!
[21:23] <Baxwards-Henry5> LOL
[21:23] <Baxwards-Henry5> Methinks the Newok doth pwotest too munch
[21:24] * TerryBOT abrupty attax Baxwards-Henry5 with spiked drill and sawblade weapons
[21:24] * Baxwards-Henry5 bax awaz
[21:24] <Mendaciousness> wookies don';t live on endor!
[21:24] <Baxwards-Henry5> Hah! I was thrying to run toward him
[21:24] * Baxwards-Henry5 runs into Calvin's transmogrifier
[21:25] * TerryBOT grinds diamond-tipped blade into Baxwards' bax
[21:25] <Baxwards-Henry5> Ow!
[21:25] * MiniWookie isn't from Endor!
[21:25] * Baxwards-Henry5 is now known as Diamond-Gilded-Robot
[21:25] <TerryBOT> its only a joke ha ha


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