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nanowrimo participants, blogs, locals, and nano_prompt

All right! Now I'm stoked.

  • 1. Who else is participating in the National Novel Writing Month (Nanowrimo) challenge this year? I count at least 23 from my friends list, including myself:

    Anybody else?

  • 2. (Cross-posted from nanowrimo; my Nanowrimo journals are onyxgolem on GreatestJournal and tanelos on LiveJournal.) Does anyone have a project blog? Are you using GreatestJournal as all of us cool kids are doing or Blogger like that luz0r taiji_jian? You don't bring your lunch, you buy your lunch!

  • 3. If you haven't already posted: what's the genre of your novel? Sci-fi? Mystery? Cheesy romance? Horror? Nothing but pancreas-slicing fight scenes (ask Trippy, cavlec)?

  • 4. You do realize this means 1667 words a day, typically a 2-3 hour a day investment, right? (Well, maybe 1 hour if you are overclocked like kaladhwen. If I could type as fast as she can and code as fast as zengeneral... dude.)

  • 5. Has anyone done any of the nano_prompts? This is a Nanowrimo warm-up community that posts one "prompt" question to get our creative juices flowing. I've been writing responses for my Nanowrimo 2004 entry, the "first" book of tanelos (Shadows of the Sorcerers, Chapters 1-8).

  • 6. Is anyone local to Manhattan, KS participating in this year's program?

Tags: nanowrimo, novel writing, writing, writing challenges, writing prompts

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