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Who Steals My Name Steals Horsch: Do-Not-Call Loopholes?

OK, the last two people who called my house asking for my mother pronounced her name (Kai-Rue Hsu, or Kailu Xu in Pinyin) as "Ral-Rue Hoose" and "Kaui-Rue Husu".

How poor does your visual acuity or reading ability have to be to read KAI as RAL?! I mean, even with a lowercase 'l'. Man.
And what is it about "HSU" that seems to trigger the "forget all phonetic rules and just make random sounds containing these letters" chunk in some folks?
It doesn't surprise me all that much, though: if you were around for my name meme, you may remember that I've been called Su, Sidhe, Hus, Hish, Ush, Hyush, or Horsch. I guess Hoose and Husu need to get added to that list.

This brings me to a related question. I've noticed that, even though we are in the nationwide Do-Not-Call registry through 2008, I am getting calls from BMG and other companies which which I used to have subscriptions or memberships. Also, various organizations (besides Illinois, Hopkins, and Severn) are calling for donations more than once a year. Is there some loophole in the telemarketing laws that allows companies to ignore the Do-Not-Call registry if you used to be a customer, or are currently a customer, even if you have opted out?

Oh, BTW, can telefunds not call every single night of the month until they get an answer? A max of 3-5 attempts would be nice. Sometimes I really am too busy to answer!

Edit, 16:55 CST Mon 31 Oct 2005 - Case in point! I didn't forget about my questions; I just got too busy.

Thanks to all who have helped with previous ones, which I posted on:

Thanks to nikolasco for advice on problems from last time.

Here's my fortnightly update:

  • 1. Office Windows machine: I reinstalled XP. Now I just have to reload all my apps, which will probably take a few months at this rate.

  • 2. Hibernation blues: I now kill jobs until my commit charge (VM usage) is less than 512Mb, the amount of RAM I actually have in this machine, before I hibernate. It seems to help.

  • 3. Caffeine - More Bang for the Buck: I still haven't confirmed that Mountain Lightning (Wal-Mart's Sam's Choice brand citrus soft drink) has the same quantity of caffeine as Mountain Dew.

Now for the new questions:

iPAQ Blues: Declining Battery Life

How much degradation of the lithium-polymer battery life do you get over the life of an iPAQ? I got my COMPAQ H3635 in September, 2001, and it's down to about 2-3 hours from what must have been 7.5. Is this normal or have I overdrained it?

Really slow forms in Firefox

Does anyone else get really slow response times when filling out forms in Mozilla Firefox 1.0.x, especially under WinXP? I can type at a normal rate in Notepad, Word XP, Trillian 3.1, and at the WinXP Command Prompt, but Firefox just crawls. It gets about 60 characters per second, which is an infuriating lag for me when writing.

For reference, the computer with this problem is a Dell Dimension XPS D300 (Pentium II-300, 512Mb RAM).

Broken Acrobat Pro 7.0x in Firefox

I can't seem to get Adobe Acrobat 7.0x Professional to launch from Firefox on Hirilonde, my Dell Inspiron 6000 (Pentium 4 1.6GHz, 1Gb RAM, WinXP Home factory-installed). It launches fine in IE, but pops up Ye Olde "Cant' Do It!" dialog in Firefox.

Thanks very much in advance!

Tags: names, pronunciation, telemarketiers

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