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I always knew I have a lot of smart friends, but it seems I have quite a few with a lot of credentials.
People on my friends list who have a doctorate or the terminal degree in their fields include:

  • azhure - Ph.D. in immunology/molecular biology/microbiology

  • dextertech - MFA 2000, Washington State University; assistant professor, Department of Art and Art History, Virginia Tech

  • hpguo - Ph.D. 2003 Computer Science, Kansas State University; assistant professor of computer science, United International College of China

  • neonpainter - MLA, Kansas State University; research assistant professor of Landscape Architecture (College of Architecture, Planning, and Design), director, Krider Visual Resource and Learning Center, Kansas State University

Other people who are faculty members (including instructors) or in doctoral programs:

  • butterflykiki - not sure: physics?

  • jereeza - Assistant, Art History Department, University of Rijeka; MA University College London [edited 10:20 CST Mon 31 Oct 2005]

  • kakarigeiko - Ph.D. student, Computer Science, Carnegie-Mellon University

  • oskeladden - Lecturer and J.D. candidate, Norwich Law School, University of East Anglia

  • prolog - Ph.D. student, Computer Science, Carleton University

  • spoothbrush - Ph.D. student, Cognitive Psychology, SUNY-Binghamton [added 10:05 CST Mon 31 Oct 2005]

  • susanjacobsen - Lecturer and Ph.D. candidate, Journalism (School of Communications and Theater), Temple University

  • zerovector - Ph.D. student, Statistics, Rice University [edited 10:10 CST Mon 31 Oct 2005]

There are lots of up-and-coming people on my friends list:

Who have I missed?

What do you all think of your degrees?
Are they "union cards" to you? Something important to show for the work you have done? A means to an end? Just pieces of paper? All of the above?

Tags: careers, doctorates, higher education, intelligence

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