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A Serious Request

Dear friends,

koinonia, one of my good friends from the wacky world of TEUNC, is seeking some help and advice on behalf of one of her acquaintances, a member of the Society for Creative Anacrhonism (SCA) who was badly beaten while trying to protect others during a robbery attempt. Apparently, he is now indigent, in need of medical assistance, and about to be forced into an assisted-care living facility. In response to her posts, several of us have suggested that koinonia start a legal fund for this person. I'd really appreciate any suggestions on how to go about this, or on anything else that might be of service to this good man who is in an unfortunate situation.

More scribbles... I've been updetting yesterday's entry out the wazoo, with URLs. It started as a way to clarify some of the obscure and oblique SF references and then turned into a full-scale research project on three of the 20th century's science fiction greats: Asimov and Roddenberry (though his writing success was due in part to several others). We also obliquely referenced the works of Edward E. Smith and James Blish, not to mention more recent SF films (such as Short Circuit).


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