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Word count meters: NaNoWriMoProMe and how to mirror the Zokutou progress bar

(Cross-posted from nanowrimo.)

With the bandwidth meltdown of NaNoWriMoProMe and its subsequent demise, I noticed that Zokutou is undergoing a heavy load and is sometimes taking a long time to serve out word meters. I figured that this would happen sooner or later, as we are actually hotlinking to four little GIFs on every single meter (six for the extended wordmeter).

There's an easy way to take some of the load off Zokutou's server, and it will be more sustainable as more people start doing Nanowrimo: just do the following.

I hope this helps. Here are a couple of requests:

  • 1. Could someone please do the same thing with the April Fool's GIFs? I noticed people are starting to use those instead.

  • 2. Could someone who knows PHP and has the time to hack out some quick code please post a generator of the Zokutou/April Fool's variety? Then we can mirror that as well, decreasing the load even further, and people won't have to replace URLs by hand.
    Be sure to credit Zokutou and link to their meter page if you use their design!
    Alternatively, if someone could request the code from Zokutou, we can also mirror it. (I'd do it myself, but if I'm the only one doing it, I'd basically be splitting that bandwidth load of several gigabytes a day with them, so I'd like others to join in before I do.)

Edit, 20:30 CST Thu 10 Nov 2005 - I was missing a few pieces. Thanks to amishlurker for pointing them out, and please download my archive again if you grabbed it before.

Best regards and good luck with all your Nanowrimo efforts,
Tags: bandwidth, hotlinking, nanowrimo, nanowrimo 2005, public service, word count meters, word counts

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