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That went rather well...

... I arrived at 09:09 and the session had already started, so the chair thought I was a no-show and let the first two presenters use 25 minutes instead of 20, but other than being cut to 10 minutes (which I barely used anyhow), my talk seemed to go all right. I do have a strong urge to read more London and Hemingway now, and maybe Kapek's R.U.R. And I did mention LJ - a straw poll revealed that just about 100% of the audience has heard of blogs. So, if nayone from this morning is reading this... hi! :-D

Dr. Katherine Hayles, the other keynote speaker, mentioned that Amazon recommended one of her own books to her ("we predict you'll love this!"). Wlel, kindasorta my p6int, nazwaz. #-)

Generally people were rather critical or at least skeptical of AI, but enthused about emergent behavior in human-computer interaction (HCI). Which is how I couched the data mining discussion, so I guess that's another positive outcome.

Oh, and true to my TEUNC heritage, I put this pic in one of my slides on Cultural Evolutionary Computation. *snh snh snh* (Nice to see we have found Thranduil for The Hobbit, if it gets filmed.)

One more anecdote: the second presenter was a Ph.D. student at U. Wisconsin-Madison (UWM). "Hey, do you know David Salo?" I asked. D'oh! *nirghsipeehs*


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