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Many welcomes, and two quizzes in one

Welcome to lots of new friends:

Edit, 02:14 CST 12 Nov 2005 - I added today's.

12 Nov 2005: amishlurker, m45
11 Nov 2005: notagordianknot, sperose
10 Nov 2005: klawz, wudu_wasa
09 Nov 2005: gngr
07 Nov 2005: comte_tildaneur
06 Nov 2005: kleenexwoman
04 Nov 2005: _minutestozero, teremala
03 Nov 2005: cheyinka
01 Nov 2005: trufflehunting
31 Oct 2005: elvenwanderer
30 Oct 2005: mariediocre
27 Oct 2005: crazylike_afox
26 Oct 2005: nanowrimokitten
25 Oct 2005: susanjacobson
23 Oct 2005: sixdegrees_, stybba, tabula_xrasa
20 Oct 2005: makingthematrix
09 Oct 2005: shamebear
08 Oct 2005: ankh_f_n_khonsu, iskandria

Would you please post an intro in a comment here, if you haven't already?

Aw, look, here's a quiz from miyeko:

You Are A: Puppy!

puppy dogBeloved by all, puppies are energetic, playful, and loving. Your outgoing and friendly nature is part of what makes you a puppy. Known for their loyalty, puppies make great pets for young and old alike. And an innocent puppy face can melt anyone's heart!

You were almost a: Duck or a Pony
You are least like a: Turtle or a GroundhogWhat Cute Animal Are You?

I guess this answers the question "How will you die?" too... eh, kaladhwen, storied slayer of pups?

Tags: new friends, welcomes

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