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Assistant Vice Provost of Ass-Kickings

The title of this entry is the title I suggested might be given to Bill Shea, if he crossed over to central administration.

My questions for thought, pursuant to the forthcoming second part of "can u pls help me", are:

  • 1. Why is the belief that something is too hard assiduous?
    As kakarigeiko wrote (specifically of CS), part of "intellectual maturity" is understanding that a lot of problems we face in day-to-day research and practice are quotidian challenges, surmountable with a little effort.
    A conversation with masaga and zengeneral over the weekend, about learned helplessness.

  • 2. What happened to the appreciation for theoretical computer science?
    This was from a conversation with scottharmon about student confidence, CIS 775, CIS 560, and the CIS 301 -> Math 510 -> CIS 505 / CIS 770 -> CIS 575 sequence.

  • 3. Why does everybody think I'm very busy? People haven't seen very busy! KFL is very busy. GWB is very busy. I'm just mildly busy. ;-)
    Edit, 21:15 CST Tue 15 Nov 2005 - to hpguo, this morning.

  • 4. Is it just me, or have computer users become less tolerant of cross-platform or formatting differences?
    Edit, 21:15 CST Tue 15 Nov 2005 - to zengeneral, this afternoon.

Oh, and on behalf of masaga the Robbed: <PRIAM>Have you no honor? Have you no honor?</PRIAM>

Tags: academia, education, research, university education

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