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Assistant Vice Provost of Ass-Kickings

The title of this entry is the title I suggested might be given to Bill Shea, if he crossed over to central administration.

My questions for thought, pursuant to the forthcoming second part of "can u pls help me", are:

  • 1. Why is the belief that something is too hard assiduous?
    As kakarigeiko wrote (specifically of CS), part of "intellectual maturity" is understanding that a lot of problems we face in day-to-day research and practice are quotidian challenges, surmountable with a little effort.
    A conversation with masaga and zengeneral over the weekend, about learned helplessness.

  • 2. What happened to the appreciation for theoretical computer science?
    This was from a conversation with scottharmon about student confidence, CIS 775, CIS 560, and the CIS 301 -> Math 510 -> CIS 505 / CIS 770 -> CIS 575 sequence.

  • 3. Why does everybody think I'm very busy? People haven't seen very busy! KFL is very busy. GWB is very busy. I'm just mildly busy. ;-)
    Edit, 21:15 CST Tue 15 Nov 2005 - to hpguo, this morning.

  • 4. Is it just me, or have computer users become less tolerant of cross-platform or formatting differences?
    Edit, 21:15 CST Tue 15 Nov 2005 - to zengeneral, this afternoon.

Oh, and on behalf of masaga the Robbed: <PRIAM>Have you no honor? Have you no honor?</PRIAM>



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Nov. 16th, 2005 04:17 am (UTC)
My preciousss...
Yes, my experience over the last couple of weeks has taught me some very important lessons. First, unless you have been murdered - don't try to enlist the aid of a police department that is outside of your residence's jurisdiction. You will end up playing email-tag, phone-tag, report-tag, and in the end you will find that the simple truth is that no one wants to deal with the paperwork, even if it was a felony wire-fraud / theft.

Second, if you have a cell phone - be warned. Just in case you didn't read the fine-print: The cellular industry has no regulation on the amount a criminal can steal from you by compromising your phone and/or connection. Until the moment you call in and stop your number, you will be held responsible for all charges. This includes having your phone stolen in an airport and physically not being able to contact the phone company for 10 hours. Just as a measuring stick - 2 hours is all it takes to rack-up felony cellular fraud. The police will not help you. The paper trail that is a mile-long will not be followed. The phone companies will stand in your way. The criminal will be laughing. That is all.

Thus, I am now known as masaga, the Robbed, and am entering into an Offensive Existence Posture.

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