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tanelos and post-Nanowrimo follow-up: soundtracks and more

Thanks to quite a few people who have volunteered as beta readers.

Here's a partial list:

Your time and feedback are much appreciated!

Book 1 and Book 2 of the 12 of 16 completed chapters to date are linked from the User Info of tanelos. I hope to have the whole thing finished before the start of Nanoedmo 2006.

Things I'd especially like to get feedback on are:

  • 1. Scene descriptions: do they read smoothly to you? Do they seem vivid? Lurid? Purple? (I have a tendency to use more adjectives than is probably good for me, but sometimes it's for cadence.)

  • 2. Whether you get a sense of the people, particularly their motivations and interrelationships. (One critique I've had, which is a challenge to address, is that I have a large cast. My best bet, as I see it, is to add appendices, maps, and family trees. I would be especially grateful for any suggestions about these or alternative ways to "document" my world.)

  • 3. What your impressions are of the motivations and emotions of characters, and whether any particular imagery is evocative to you.

  • 4. Character development: whether you find the behavior of characters consistent as opposed to arbitrary, and original as opposed to predictable and stereotyped. Is the dialogue trite and hackneyed?

  • 5. Clarity: Are the names all blurring together? Is there too much terminology? Does the alternation between Archniniei and Terionach viewpoints (including their lexicons and cultural biases) jarring or interesting?

This project has been an exercise in amateur creative writing for me, but as you probably realize from looking at the notes, it's something I've been planning for easily 15 years now, closer to 17. I am actually pleased with the way some of the major plots turned out, though some of the lower-level details were really fleshed out on the fly. Nanowrimo does wonders for the Kitchen Sink Plot, you have to give it that.

Also, I should mention that while I recommend that everyone with an interest in Nanowrimo try it at least once, I don't recommend it for busy students. As a professional, I can tell you that it tends to eat more time than you can put in over Thanksgiving, even if you budget that time carefully. I've had to make time by staying up late and cutting myself off from most other recreation (especially television and movies) for the month of November, and more.

I should mention that I do have plans to submit the manuscript and am reading [Bad username: submission_guide] and other groups. Any recommendations for communities, books on submission, and other advice would be appreciated as well.

Also, I am trying to put together the second soundtrack for the 16 chapters. If you would like to see the synopsis, let me know and I'll put you in the correct filter.

Thanks again!

Tags: creative writing, music, nanowrimo, nanowrimo 2005, submission

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