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Today is a good day for pie

It was a busy day today - I had the bioinformatics REU students come over while I gave the CIS 690 midterm and the daily lab (yes, it's a MTWUF 5-weenk course). We introduced the three "IT" students (CS, Math, MIS) to CGI and Perl and the three biology students to HTML tags, Javascript, applets, MS FrontPage, Excel, and rudiments of Perl in one fell swoop. [1] We started looking at the database that they will be working on. Later, we will put into practice the database basics that I went over last week and the week before, in three one-hour lectures. They will start with CGI/Perl hooks into SQL (postgresql and Oracle 9i) and then move on to Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) and more server-side programming, e.g., Java Server Pages (JSP).

Hurgh. How exacterly did I become a database/webtech prof, again? #-)

In return, the students taught me and robbyjo some of what they had learned aboat polymerase chain reaction (PCR) and primer design.

In other news: angelislington has decided to name her new red car floop. A fine name, though I dutifully recommended Arkady. Oh wlel.

Tomorrow: the voluminous skirts of information theory

[1] Oh, and command-line Windows ("DOS", so to spink). Aslo, I lawaz froget that epople haven't used UNIX.


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