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If music be the food of trask, play on: all hail jereeza!

jereeza, thank you! That's some good music!
I've started putting the finishing touches on tanelos soundtrack 2... about a week later than last year, and I was a couple of days late. I think this was the day anim8t0rboi gave me the last song I needed and I burned all the CDs. Well, it will be a few days later this time... I'll get the ISO up sooner, but don't trask me if you get your CDs late! Things have been a bit hectical, and that's a fact.

Oh, and I talked to dextertech and we have a massforge conference call on Friday at 11:30 CST (12:30 EST). I know masaga can make it; how about you, tmehlinger, thekuffs, and zengeneral? filipinangel, dextertech would definitely like to touch base with you and angryscottsman on new work and coordinating with Klaus and Tom. pvntejaswi, I'd like to talk with you about the agents code base. sui_degeneris and darana, any chance you could be a part of this?

Tags: christmas, christmas cards, massforge, music, procrastination, soundtracks, tane-los

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