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Happy 70th birthday, Banadad!

Happy 70th birthday, Banadad!

Many happy returns.
Now everybody reading this, get back to work! As my Gaffer would say, you're all a bunch of lazy kids! ;-)

Oh, and here are a couple of stories about Banadad's youth.

(Click image to enlarge.)
Dr. Charles Kuei-Yen Hsu (Xu Guiyan), He Who Carries Many Pharmaceuticals (HWCMP, viewer's left), at age 23 in 1958. His brother, Connie and Ruby's father, Dr. David Kuei-Yu Hsu (Xu Guiyu), is standing to the viewer's right. Each of them is holding one of several generations of cats that the Hsu family raised in Taipei, Taiwan.

Banazir ibn Ranugad al-Galbasi
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