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My new icons

New icons! I made them myself. 1-4 and 6 are my own photographs; the rest are snarfed from the web, and the source is attributed in my user pics info page and here. Thanks to rsmit212 for his advice on #5 and gondhir for his on #7.

  • 1. Spirituality:

  • 2. Drink:

  • 3. Buildings:

  • 4. Transportation:

  • 5. Space:

  • 6. Travel:

  • 7. Weather:

  • 8. Arts:

  • 9. Math:

Feel free to take any you wish and credit banazir and the image source. Copy, don't hotlink. Comments and feedback are appreciated! You are welcome to use the above blanks as bases if you wish; contact me, and I will give you the original images to use. Please do let me know what text or effects you add, though. Share and share alike!

Tags: bases, blanks, edinburgh, icons, scotland, travel

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