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Cool word of the month, December 2005

viszontlátásra (Hungarian, infinitive) - to see again (a formal farewell)

(prezzey, tamf: Is the above part of speech correct?)

Previous months' cool words:

November, 2005: užas (Croatian, noun) - horror, terror
October, 2005: zokutou (Japanese, noun) - an ascending spiral
September, 2005: seb (Egyptian, noun) - star (courtesy of sahtyinepu)
August, 2005: 外国人 [gaikokujin / waiguoren] (Japanese and Chinese, noun) - lit. "outside country person", a foreigner
July, 2005: tawadu (Arabic, noun) - humility
June, 2005: balpre (Lojban, noun) - hero
May, 2005: brill (English, adjective; slang, British) - brilliant, cool
April, 2005: ܟܐܦܐ [kepa, transliterated kephas] (Aramaic, noun) - great rock
March, 2005: mashin (Farsi, noun) - automobile
February, 2005: perkele (Finnish, noun) - devil (also an expletive)
January, 2005: kinu (Japanese, noun) - silk
December, 2004: krung (Thai, noun) - city, cf. krung thep (city of angels, old name of Bangkok)
November, 2004: tane (Archnin, noun) - blood (see tanelos)
October, 2004: izulu (Zulu, noun) - interplanetary space
September, 2004: phensem (Tibetan, noun) - an beneficent attitude towards others
August, 2004: si2 pu3 (Chinese, noun) - recipe (literally, "meal score")
July, 2004: entspannung (German, noun) - relaxation
June, 2004: anapauesthai (Koine Greek, verb) - to stand still
May, 2004: tvære (Norwegian, verb) - to stretch, especially a conversation or a farewell (definition provided by tamf)
April, 2004: ber-engro (Romany, noun) - lit. "ship's master", a mariner
March, 2004: calad (Sindarin, noun, "light")
February, 2004: su (Chinese, adjective/noun) - 1. flaky; 2. a baked good with a crisp or flaky consistency, such as a cookie
January, 2004: pizdarija (Croatian, noun; vulgar) - something messed-up, feeble, or ridiculous (definition provided by jereeza)
December, 2003: basherte (Hebrew, noun) - "apportioned one" (implication of predestined/ordained mate; courtesy of yahvah)
November, 2003: panmictic (English, adjective, "exhibiting random mating within a breeding population")
October, 2003: kreteno (Esperanto, slang noun, "idiot")
September, 2003: kawai (Japanese, adjective, "cute")
August, 2003: ser (Spanish, intransitive verb, "to be")
July, 2003: cordillera (Spanish, noun, "principal mountain system of a continent")
June, 2003: kallüsáráyam (Tamil, noun, "illicit liquor")
May, 2003: hoh (Singlish, particle, "connective expression of expected agreement")
April, 2003: tmesis (English, noun, "separation of the parts of a compound word for humorous effect")
March, 2003: nerazreshimost (Russian, noun, "undecidability")



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Dec. 23rd, 2005 04:56 am (UTC)
What is your word criteria?
Dec. 23rd, 2005 05:35 am (UTC)
1. Ethnic uniqueness. The word conveys a specific ethnocentric concept. This alone goes a long way towards putting it on the list.
2. Etymological distinction. The word has an interesting history of being loaned from one language to another, or an improbable but attested trajectory.
3. Exemplary nature. The word illustrates a distinction (e.g., among verbs of being) that is not typical of English.
4. Diversity. I try to maximize coverage of different source languages, parts of speech, etc.
5. Historical and cultural significance. The word has been misunderstood or ambiguously understood, cf. ܟܐܦܐ (kepa/kephas) to Petros/petras, in a historically significant way. In the case of ܟܐܦܐ, it is one support of papal mandate according to Catholic doctrine.
6. Representative of a constructed language. I have one word from Sindarin, one from thlIngan Hol, and one from Archniniei (one of my conlangs in tanelos).

Dec. 23rd, 2005 11:47 am (UTC)
It's perfectly fine, but I'm not sure I see how it fulfils your coolness criteria. Could you please expand on this?
Dec. 23rd, 2005 05:01 pm (UTC)
Well, that's the longest goodbye word I know, tied at 5 syllables with its German counterpart, "Auf Wiedersehen".

Please feel free to suggest future Cool Words of the Month! I've never had a Hungarian word before, and I will need more later. I'm only at quota for Slavic words because of jereeza and her Cro words.

Dec. 25th, 2005 10:22 pm (UTC)
Re: Clloness
Oh, I see. Agglutination is fun!

I actually think it comes from the German - so many Hungarian expressions do.

*scratches head* cool words?


I've got one!

. o O (It's not a Hungarian word, though, but you've only had one in Hebrew before...)

"parat Moshe Rabeinu" - it means "ladybird" but it says "the cow of Moses, our teacher". I laughed for minutes when I first heard it.

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