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In with the new: taglines and friends

I've replaced my old taglines:

  • October/November
    Primary: Snoopy is a Wrimo!
    Secondary: Slay them all, and Nano shall know its own
    (Explanation: These were both referring to National Novel Writing Month, or Nanowrimo.)

  • November/December
    Primary: Dyson Sphere Medievalism Society
    Secondary: JHX: Jedi Hobbit Energy Drink
    (Explanation: gondhir poked good-natured fun at some of my anachronisms, particularly medieval and modern technology in what is supposed to be the pre-medieval setting of tanelos; I took that dichotomy to an extreme in the main tagline. The secondary tagline is in reference to MDX, which I haven't tried yet.)

  • December/January
    Primary: Impervious to Sedation
    Secondary: Leonine Speech Impediments
    (Explanation: The first one should be somewhat self-explanatory, but it's based on a recent catalog titled "Impervious to Whatever". The second refers to jereeza's claim that Liam Neeson, the voice of Aslan in The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe, pronounced "Cair Paravel" as "Cow Pow-Wow".)

Welcome to the following new LJ friends who added me this month:

21 Dec 2005: celticlegend
20 Dec 2005: righteousdame
16 Dec 2005: kai_ta_loipa
15 Dec 2005: jeanlucpikachu, koinonia (yes, I realize this is Nikki, but since it's a new LJ nick, could you please tell us the significance of the name?)
14 Dec 2005: julisana
13 Dec 2005: antiquota, fleurdelista, oiscotthey
12 Dec 2005: tears_of_nienna
11 Dec 2005: bdm7935, dankamongmen, vorpal
05 Dec 2005: ringlass
04 Dec 2005: charity_joy
30 Nov 2005: neoookami
21 Nov 2005: aristeros
20 Nov 2005: uncut_diamond
19 Nov 2005: crazypalefreak
18 Nov 2005: gnodal, nakki
17 Nov 2005: sgstair
15 Nov 2005: exhero
14 Nov 2005: tvn
13 Nov 2005: bastoni

Would you please say hello and tell us a little about yourself, if you haven't already?
I know antiquota, dankamongmen and tvn have.

Tags: new friends, taglines

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