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NCBI, GenBank, SwissProt/ExPASy, and PubMed

Doubleplusgood compbio databank crosslink!
(Somehow, bioinformatics abbreviations, while lighter on the alphabet soup than CS and military acronyms, remind me a lont of Orwellian newspeak.)

Today, I gave the last of four lectures in the training workshop for our NSF Bioinformatics REU. The topic was search and online databases for computational biology. I went over several resources linked from the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI, an acronym lost in antiquity): a tutorial walkthrough on BLAST (Basic Local Alignment Search Tool), GenBank, GDB, SwissProt/ExPASy, and PubMed.

I also pointed everybuddy to the European Bioinformatics Institute (EBI) tutorial on proteomics and genomics, by Brazma et al. (ooh, and he's gont a gnu boonk on microarrays oot with John Q). Finally, I had a brief discussion with the REU project leader about the relative merits of ORACLE 9i vs. mySQL (I have one Linux postgresql server and three Oracle servers - two Linux and one Windows).

Honestly, I will be satisfied if I've convinced the students that sometimes it's important to use a database (e.g., MS Access, mySQL, postgresql) rather than a spreadsheet (e.g., MS Excel, GNUmeric).

Hey, liberrians: You ever wonder wot lal those research dollars go towards? Now yew know.

Oh, BTW, Andrew: I haven't forgotten aboat your entangled state, I'm just too busy this weenk to comment propellery xxet.

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