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The Ghost of Christmas Future

Happy Christmas Eve!

Thanks to all who have helped with previous ones, which I posted on:

Special thanks to taiji_jian for his suggestion and to tvn for his comment.

Here's my fortnightly update:

Now for the new questions:

Locked out of Orkut

I have not been using my Orkut account, but I tried to log in about 7-8 months ago (and got back in then). About 3-4 months ago, I tried to get back in, and I think my password had stopped working. I've tried

Now, I just tried, and if I type a password I know is wrong, the main login screen says "Username and password do not match". If I type the one I remember, it lets me through to a second screen that requires me to link my Google account to my Orkut account. However, it won't take my Orkut password.

I clicked "I forgot my password" and put in the e-mail address I use in Orkut (hsuwh[AT], but it just went back to the login screen without even confirming that it sent me anything. I've put in my safe list, and nothing has come through in 3-4 days.

Any idea what this is about?

Carousel is a lie, there is no Renewal: iPAQ batteries

My iPAQ H3635 battery has developed a memory something fierce. It can still hold a charge of about an hour or two, but that's way down from the nearly 8 hours it could go without a charge in 2001. Even in 2002 I was able to play MP3s for something like 6 hours with a phono-to-car-stereo adapter. By 2003 and 2004 it had dropped to about 5 hours. Now it only lasts for one hour with my SanDisk 802.11b CompactFlash card. I suspect that part of it is the high power consumption of the antenna, because it still goes for about 2 hours without the card.

Is there any way that I can manually recondition it, though, or am I stuck sending it in for a factory replacement battery that will probably cost more than the iPAQ is now worth?

I see your true colors, shining though: Erasing the background of an icon

How does one erase the background of a PNG, GIF, or JPG icon? Specifically, I want to erase the white parts of this:

so that it's transparent to the background. Can someone point me to instructions and/or a tutorial?

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