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A Merry massforge and comptranslation Christmas

Feliz Navidad!

massforge is finally revving up, and we are starting the pre-launch flight check for comptranslation.

I added a little bit more substance to the user info of massforge. We also did a bit of reorganization.

We now have a nascent web page and will soon be adding some general material describing the project in a little more detail. I'll announce the page here and in massforge when it's ready to go online on Sourceforge.

Please welcome Dr. Cecil Schmidt, Klaus, and Tom Yancy to the team. Cecil is a professor of Computer Information Sciences at Washburn and a veteran of the KDD group. Klaus and Tom are students of Professor Dane Webster (dextertech) at Virginia Tech.

I've also added bdm7935 (a master's student in EECE at K-State) to the group as observers.
Say hi, everybody!

Edit, 03:00 CST Mon 26 Dec 2005 - Add dsthenes of TORn and TEUNC to that list.

First Day of Christmas
"Ding Dong Merrily On High"
Lyrics: George R. Woodward (1848-1924).
Music: From Orchesographie, by Thoinot Arbeau (1588); harmony by Edward L. Stauff (fl. c. 1900)

Tags: comptranslation, massforge

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