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GreatestJournal poll

Do any of you all have GreatestJournals?

Poll #643053 GreatestJournal survey

Do you have a GreatestJournal?

Yes, and one or more of them are open to the public.
Yes, and one or more are friends-only, but I'll post the URL(s) underneath. Get me more friends! GJ isn't active enough.
Yes, and one or more are friends-only; I'll give you the username, but don't spread it around. (Note: please tell me if you do NOT want me to add you in GJ.)
Yes, but I don't wish to disclose the username(s) at this time.

If you selected one of the middle three choices above, please type the URL of your GJ here. IF you wish other friends of mine to know your GJ URL, please reply with a comment; otherwise, I will not disclose the name of your GJ save to add yours from mine.

Is it OK if I:

Add you in GJ?
Tell my other friends with both LJs and GJs who you are in LJ?

Still to do for tomorrow: write my annual RedSOW filk, create a Quizilla quiz (wae! I haven't finished the Firefly/Serenity one I started last December 31st!), post my second annual Firefly Pick-Up Line poll (hah! you thought I forgot, didn't you?)

Sixth Day of Christmas, following my personal LJ tradition (started in 2003):
"O Word of God Incarnate"
Words: William W. How (1867)
Music: "Munich" by Felix Mendelssohn (1847)

Tags: greatestjournal, polls

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