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That was easy... or not

I went to Hastings with my folks to pick out some CDs for a gift, and we stopped by Staples and Walgreens on the way home.

Things were way dead at Staples. Additionally, all of their holiday specials have stopped, and prices are annoyingly maxed out. Is it just a slow time of year, or is the economy puttering out (even more than it was)?

On a positive note, most everything in the holiday aisle at Walgreens was about 75% off. I didn't buy up the whole store as is my wont, and I didn't even go into the Dollar Mart afterwards! Yay.

Tenth Day of Christmas, following my personal LJ tradition (started in 2003):
"Abode of Peace"
Words: Agata Rosenius (1814-1874)
Music: Prince Frans Gustaf Oskar (1827-1852)

Tags: economy, shopping, staples

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