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Hopping on the meme bandwagon (seen with azhure):
What do you want from me in 2006?

In other news: Tragic tidings from WV - 12 of 13 miners found dead.
Edit, 09:55 CST - An interesting phenomenon: I happened to be awake from 0400 CST, when I first noticed the reversal, to 0630, when I went to sleep, and reloaded the 3000-4000 Google News articles. It was interesting to watch them go from 75% "all but one alive" to 75% "all but one dead". When I went to bed there were still 25% that hadn't retracted, and of course a lot of the print ones had already gone to press.

I wonder when it becomes too late to stop the presses: exactly what point during printing, percentagewise, and what time of AM that is for a morning paper, given modern printing technology.

Edit, 10:00 CST - In any case, it's definitely much easier to retract and correct online publications. I posted the above one-liner and link to CNN hoping it would alert some, but people still check their print media first as often as they trust an aggregator such as Google News - which, as we see above, is only consensus reporting.

The Indy Star actually posted this explanation.

The Chicago Tribune story was the most detailed and complete I had read as of 06:00.

Edit, 10:10 CST - Cross-posted to infojunkies, the primary LJ news aggregator community.

Eleventh Day of Christmas, following my personal LJ tradition (started in 2003):
"God, We've Known Such Grief and Anger"
Words: Carolyn W. Gillette (2002)
Music: "In Babilon" (c. 1710), arranged by Julius Röntgen (1906)

Tags: meme, news, tragedy

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