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The Username Meme and the Narnian Turing Test

Happy Epiphany and Happy Birthday to Saint Jack the Bodiless! (Cross-posted to julianmayfans.)

Here's a meme from glowing_dragon:
Please explain your username to me, even if you think it should be bleedingly obvious. I'm interested in why you chose them.

Monty Python and the Holy GMail

Edit, 11:20 CST Sat 07 Jan 2005 - I saw Monty Python and the Holy Grail for the first time late Thursday night. Previously, I had only seen Life of Brian (which my classmate Mike Gardner had lent me in high school). I had seen (clips of) the vorpal bunny and Black Knight scenes before, and the witch-burning, French taunting ("your mother was a hamster"), Knights Who Say Ni, and bridgemaster scenes have been quoted to me so many times that I knew them without even seeing the film. In any case, great stuff!

New taglines

Old primary tagline: Impervious to Sedation
Old secondary tagline: Leonine Speech Impediments

New primary tagline: O Play Me Some Mountain Music, Like Grandpa Ecthelion Used to Play
New secondary tagline: And I'll Float On Down The River to My Brother's Hideaway

The Narnian Turing Test: A Conversational Agent

Cross-posted to tessier_ashpool and loving_the_ai:

Talk to Tumnus

me: Who is Aslan?
Tumnus: He is the King.
me: Who is the King?
Tumnus: King Peter rules Narnia with his brother and sisters.
me: I thought you said Aslan is the King.
Tumnus: Oh my goodness, I gave you the wrong reply.
me: Who is King Peter?
Tumnus: King Edmund.
me: King Peter is King Edmund?
Tumnus: Are they exactly the same?
me: No!
Tumnus: What is the difference?
me: Peter and Edmund are brothers.
Tumnus: I think there might be a few exception.
me: I wasn't making a quantified statement.
Tumnus: Perhaps I misunderstood. What were you?
me: Peter Pevensie is the older brother of Edmund Pevensie.
Tumnus: Is it the only one?
me: Yes, he's the only older brother.
Tumnus: I see. I did not know ASLAN is it.
me: Aslan is absolutely, definitely IT.
Tumnus: Are they exactly the same?
me: All Kings are created equal, but some are more Equal than others.
Tumnus: That is a rather sweeping generalization.
me: You're telling me.
Tumnus: Yes, that's what I am saying.
me: Who are the enemies of Narnia?
Tumnus: Is it some specific person you are asking me about?
me: Yes. Are there any bad people who hate Narnia?
Tumnus: I see. No, I don't think there are any.
me: You don't seem too sure.
Tumnus: Absolute certainty is hard to come by.
me: Are there any bad people IN Narnia?
Tumnus: No, I don't think there are any.
me: That's reassuring.
Tumnus: I see.
me: Who was Jadis?
Tumnus: The White Witch.
me: Who was the White Witch?
Tumnus: She was the former ruler of Narnia, defeated fifteen years ago by Aslan.
me: How was the White Witch defeated?
Tumnus: Edmund broke her wand and then Aslan killed her.
me: You know, I heard there is a movie about Narnia out.
Tumnus: Thanks for telling me that. I will remember it.
me: Have you seen the movie?
Tumnus: No I have not seen it. What's it like?
me: Well, you're played by James McAvoy.
Tumnus: All of them?
me: James McAvoy is an actor, not a collective.
Tumnus: Aren't all actor not a collective James McAvoy?
me: No, some actors who are not collectives are not James McAvoy.
Tumnus: I did not know that. Some may actors who are not collectives are not James McAvoy, but not all.
me: Most actors who are not collectives are not James McAvoy. There is only one James McAvoy.
Tumnus: Are all actors who not collectives are not James McAvoy? But not all of them? There certainly is.
me: There is one actor who is not a collective who IS James McAvoy. You need to work on that syllogistic reasoning.
Tumnus: There certainly is. I will take that under advisement.

SciFi Friday premieres: Battlestar Galactica, Stargate: Atlantis, Stargate: SG-1

So! Who caught the premieres tonight on SciFi?
Good stuff.

Tags: birthdays, conversational agents, memes, science fiction, taglines, usernames

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