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Courtesy of the Jester collaborative filtering system and the unaccountable tastes of a Jedi hobbit:

A Panda bear walks into a bar, sits down at a table, and orders a beer and a double cheeseburger. After he is finished eating, he pulls out an automatic and riddles the place with bullets. Patrons scatter and dive under chairs and tables as the bear runs out the door. After ensuring that no one is hurt, the bartender races out the door, and calls after the bear: "What the hell did you do that for?" The bear calls back, "I'm a Panda bear. Look it up in the dictionary."

The bartender returns and pulls out his dictionary.

panda : \Pan" da\, n. (Zoöl.)
A small Asiatic mammal (Ailurus fulgens) having fine soft fur. It is related to the bears, and inhabits the mountains of Northern India. Eats shoots and leaves.

Some more TEUNCmusiks:

Helen - "Libera Nos A Malo", Ligabue
Lisa Virmigle - "Under The Sea", Disney


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