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Offbeat news

  • From hfx_ben: "Raiding the Icebox" ( - how the US had warplans in the late 1920s for Japan (code name Orange), Germany (Black), Mexico (Green), England (Red), and yes, Canada (crimson)
    What I wonder is which of these have present conflag scenarios in the present US DoD.

  • From kauricat: "Taiwan breeds green-glowing pigs" - no, they aren't gween laliens... they are jellyfish transgenics. Pseudonymous Roghater strikes again! The price of freedom from UFAT is eternal teunciness, and that's a fact.

  • From MSN: Brangelina expecting, Lohan distressed at Vanity Fair article. Right. So, you don't read tabloids. Sure thing. But this caught my eye: Lohan says the words relating to her bulimia were "misused and misconstrued" (it seems the drug use part of the story was okay). Blech. Apparently recreational drug use is still easier to acknowledge that being bulimic, even when one is a conscious choice (not tied to any addictions) and the other is an eating disorder that may require treatment.

This is more serious, but see here. In Section 4 ("Simplification of the Hajj rituals"), item F, the author advocates teleoperation for the stoning of Satan! The context is ironic, but if you think about it, the actual position of the pillars is not mandated anywhere, and as far as I understand it, the stoning ritual is a more recent tradition and not part of the "mandatory" aspects of the hajj.

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