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Note: This whole post will probably only make sense to you if you a) listen to Tori Amos' music; b) have seen the television show Firefly on FOX or SciFi, or the movie Serenity on DVD or in theaters.

me_fein's Firefly/Tori Amos icon entry in _the_firefly_ gave me some ideas...

How about:

  • "is it sweet sweet sweet your sting, is it real, your infusion?" (Sweet the Sting) - Simon/Kaylee

  • "one day you see a strange little girl look at you / one day you see a strange little girl feeling blue / walking home in her wrapped up world / she survived but she’s feeling old / 'cause she'd found all things cold" (Strange Little Girl) - AniGIF: River

  • "past the mission / behind the prison tower / past the mission / I once knew a hot girl / past the mission / they're closing every hour / past the mission / I smell the roses" (Past The Mission) - AniGIF: Shepherd Book montage, from Southdown Abbey to Haven

  • "things are getting desperate when all the boys can't be men" (Raspberry Swirl) - Mal in a bonnet

  • "mirror mirror where’s the crystal palace / but I only can see myself / skating around the truth who I am / but I know, dad, the ice is getting thin" (Winter) - River and Simon with their father

  • "every finger in the room is pointing at me / I wanna spit in their faces then I get afraid of what that could bring / I got a bowling ball in my somach, I got a desert in my mouth / figures that my courage would choose to sell out now" (Crucify) - Kaylee in "Shindig"

  • "yes my loyalties turned, like my ankle" (Precious Things) - Jayne

  • "running after Billy, running after the rain" (Precious Things) - Kaylee and Simon

  • "if you love enough you'll lie a lot / guess they did in camelot" (Jackie's Strength) - Mal and Inara

  • "never was a cornflake girl / thought that was a good solution / hangin with the raisin girls / she’s gone to the other side" (Cornflake Girl) - this could be a "women of Serenity" montage featuring Zoe, Inara, Kaylee, and River

  • "give me life, give me pain / give me myself again" (Little Earthquakes) - River in the Alliance facility

  • "oh these little earthquakes / doesn’t take much to rip us into pieces" (Little Earthquakes) - Mal and Inara from "Objects in Space", Serenity

  • "she’s afraid of the light in the dark / 6.58 are you sure where my spark is / here, here, here" (Spark) - scenes from "Ariel" and "War Stories"

  • "go back to your separate life / that you have with her / ashes blow in the windy sky / take my heart as you go / baby it burns / to be your fire on the side" (Fire on the Side) - AniGIF: Mal and Inara, Atherton Wing in Shindig, Nandi in Heart Of Gold

  • "by my window at night / I see the lights / to your floating city" (Floating City) - Alliance capital ship

  • "is it weak to look for saviors out in space / little earth she tries so hard / to change our ways / sometimes she must get sick of this place" (Floating City) - AniGIF: Firefly in space, exodus from Earth-That-Was, Serenity crew on Miranda

"Floating City" could be a whole Alliance vid. "Strange Little Girl" is such an obvious River vid that I would be very surprised if it hasn't already been done. I think "Past The Mission" works for the mysterious Shepherd Book. "Winter" would have been a good River/Simon/parents vid if there had been enough flashback footage from "Safe".

I suppose "Happy Phantom" works for Wash now.

Any other ideas? I can't think of anything for Saffron off the top of my head, save maybe "She's Your Cocaine". Anything for the Operative? How about Wash and Zoe?

Edit, 14:25 CST - Regarding K-State's historic streak-breaking win over KU, patchsassy said it! W00t!
Edit, 20:15 CST - Holey schamoley, OMGWTFBSG!


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