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Six degrees of Wikipedia

Seen in wikipedians and cross-posted from teunc:

Six Degrees of Wikipedia

Here are some that I got, that took about half an hour:

Distance 3: The Rock to Melinda French
Distance 4: Bayesian networks to Iraq, Gilgamesh to Valen, Brainiac 5 to Strawberry Shortcake, Anakin Skywalker to Draconity, Benito Mussolini to Yaddle
Distance 5: Edward the Black Prince to John Atanasoff, Cowboy Bebop to Relational Databases, Austin Powers to Relational Databases
Distance 6: Mohammed to Care bears (a spelling cheat), Dr. Evil to Relational Databases (fair and square)
Distance 7: Dragan Mikerevic to Care bears (another spelling cheat)

Edit, 14:15 CST Mon 16 Jan 2005 - Belated happy birthdays to jadeleopard and trilobyte!

Tags: memes, six degrees, wikipedia

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