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Banascannings and Miscellany

Since my cousin's pics and my own baby pics went over so well, here are some more.
By the way: does anyone know how to despeckle a photo using Adobe Photoshop CS or Macromedia Fireworks MX 2004? Compositions of blurring and sharpening don't seem to do it.

My parental units' wedding in 1971:

Taken in Atlanta, Georgia, in December, 1971. (Click on image to view full-size version or here for a higher-quality JPEG.)
The color was preserved well, and there was little speckling - not only because the lighting was bright and natural, but because the photo was printed on excellent quality paper.

Proof that Banazir did once study a musical instrument:

Taken in Maryland in 1980.
I took keyboard lessons for six months before quitting. I did practice for years afterwards, as my parents had sunk over $1000 into an electric organ. To this day, I can't play worth trask, though I might plink out "Jingle Bells" or "Greensleeves" if aliensLinux-using supervillains were holding the moon for ransom.

The 1980 Christmas pageant at Arlington Baptist Elementary School:

Baltimore, Maryland, Christmas 1980: banazir is in the mini-Mao suit on the viewer's right, singing "Jesus Loves the Little Children" with other members of his second grade class.
Some of the principal actors of Dearly Beloved, I'm Going To The Special Hell are in this.

Banazir Galbasi and the wristwatch of DOOM:

That's me with Banagran circa 1981, just before we moved to Florida.

Taken for a yearbook photo at Scott Lake Elementary in Lakeland, FL, fall, 1984.
This is what I looked like during the final act of Defensor Formicarum.

In other news:
I've updated the Wikipedia pages for Kai-Fu Lee (KFL) and his father (my mother's father), Tien-Min Li.
I am fishie, hear me roar
She becomes Death (jereeza's rendition of Death a la Neil Gaiman)
Disposable books? (a discussion with neadods)
The Memex has you (Page 123 Book Meme)

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