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It's ridonkulous the way the weeks fly by

Here goes...

Thanks to all who have helped with previous ones, which I posted on:

Special thanks to nikolasco and tmehlinger.

Here's my fortnightly update:

Now for the new questions:

Automagically appending to a PDF file from Photoshop

I finally got that dinky little HP PSC 1350 All-in-One color inkjet printer/copier/scanner to scan, by installing a 1Gb set of drivers. That's right, a fracking gigabyte. 8.59 billion frelling bits. Now it complains "print cartridge error" - I got that to go away once by pulling out the cartidges and putting them back in, but now it just keeps doing it.

But I digress. I am scanning by "importing" from a TWAIN-compatible scanner, which makes it actually go to the OEM application (HP's little scanner interface). Is there any way I can get it to directly distill this to PDF and append it to an existing file?

The incredible shifting image: vidcapping from AVI files

Hey, all you cool vidders and icon makers! How do you keep your screencaps from moving around when you paste them into image editors? When I use Alt-PrntScrn on Windows Media Player, I get some kind of bitmask that acts like a viewport instead of a static image. That is, when I paste into Paint and other applications, I don't get the pixels that were showing in WMP at the time; I see what is behind the window now, or something slightly displaced. I can never get it to actually show the exact screencap. Any idea why this is?

Also, how do you get really high-resolution caps?


Does anybody besides the redoubtable and 1337 taiji_jian have experience with Kubuntu? Whether you do or not, do you think it might fix my XWindows problems with Ubuntu on a COMPAQ Presario SR1010NX (Celeron 2.8GHz)?

This week I will have been trying for roughly a year with Gentoo, and six months with Ubuntu. I can't get a working Linux! And no, zengeneral, it's not the Will of the Gods (or of Jeff)!

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