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Funding higher education: a straw poll

To anyone who did attend college or university, is attending, or has plans to attend: how did you pay for it, how are you paying for it, or how do you plan to pay for it?
Were you on a full scholarship? Was it largely state-funded? Did you have a steady job, use savings from gift money, or get help from your family?

Edit, 09:40 CST Sat 29 Jan 2006 - I was on a half scholarship via several mostly competitive sources, which I acknowledge now with gratitude:

Tuition at Johns Hopkins University1 went from $14000 per year in 1989-1990, my first year, to $17000 in 1992-1993, my last. I roomed and boarded at home in Severna Park and commuted to Baltimore. My folks ended up paying about $28000 out of $62000 for my tuition, which I repaid during the first 4 of my 5 years of Ph.D. studies (1993-1997).

1 According to the official table, 2005-2006 tuition at JHU was $31620 and 2006-2007 tuition will be $33900. Total tuition for a 4-year degree from Hopkins will run over $140000 starting next year.

Just curious,
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