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More from the Banasproglet collection

1979. Banazir at the Enchanted Forest.
Especially for cretaceousrick. Leto Atreides II, eat your heart out!

1980. Banazir in Mrs. Evans' first grade class at Arlington Baptist Elementary School.
Note the conspiratorial smiles; this may have been taken before I officiated at one of my infamous playground weddings. Seated in front of me is my best friend, Nicky Holloway.

1980. Bana grinning maniacally before putting his Pinoy buddies Lee and Jay into the patented Jedi Hobbit Transmogrifier.

1981. Intrepid Spacemen Bana and Dan of the Retro-Futuristic Space Patrol, sent by Ultraman on a mission to hunt down the terrible Radioactive Hissing Cockroaches of Doom.
I am wielding my trusty rubberenergy pellet gun, and yes, Dan has the much-coveted Rubik's Snake Photon Blaster. The only weapon known to be deadlier is the Varon-T Disruptor.

Tags: photography, sproglets

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