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Mehr licht

Here goes...

Thanks to all who have helped with previous ones, which I posted on:

Special thanks to gngr and jadeleopard for the WMP fix and ballzapalooza and nikolasco for additional tips.

Here's my fortnightly update:

Now for the new questions:

Windows Vista woes

If you've been following my sad tale of Longhorndammerung, which began on 27 Jan 2006 and which I posted about on 29 Jan 2006, 31 Jan 2006, and 01 Feb 2006, you may have a picture of someone who has no hair left because he's torn it all out. Actually, I still have almost all of my hair. Vista is pretty slick; I just wish I'd sprung for the two 1Gb of (2Gb) sticks of RAM instead of two 512Mb ones (1Gb), because this Inspiron maxes out at 2Gb and the existing RAM is now Ye Olde Waste of Shillings.

I did finally find "Folder Options" (it's hidden up in the upper right corners of windows, under a cryptically textless glyph).

My biggest problems right now are:

  • The Jumping Cursor problem. I type for a while and then suddenly the cursor jumps randomwhere elsely, so that the end of my sentence appears some. Edit, 14:00 CST Sat 11 Feb 2006 - This is quite literally driving me nuts.

  • The Incredible Vanishing Transparency. All that nice, pretty transparency, and it goes away the first time it comes out of hibernation, on each startup. What gives?

  • The fact that sound comes through the speakers on a Dell Inspiron 6000 running Vista CTP build 5270, but no sound comes out of the headphones when one plugs in a pair.

  • Incompatibilities with ATI Mobility Radeon X300 display drivers, the Dell Notebook System Software Utilities for Win2K/WinXP, and PowerArchiver 9.51.

  • My lack of Hotmail access. nikolasco pointed me to Hotmail Popper a while back, but surely Microsoft wouldn't just take HTML mail access out of Outlook Express 7 (now called "Microsoft Mail 7")?

  • My lack of Symantec AntiVirus because the CNS IT Help Desk won't get back to me. (Quick! Now's you chance to trask Bana with a frooglepoopillion viruses! Just kidding, YRAINW.)

  • My inability to install Macromedia ColdFusion MX 7 (it just hangs while "configuring").

The Compactest Voice-over-IP

I have need for a really, really lightweight Voice-over-IP (VOIP) client. Something that has a memory footprint of 10-20Mb and would run on a 120MHz Pentium would be about right. Linux is fine.

Does anyone know of anything fitting this bill?

Viewing logs in Trillian 3.1

Has anyone had problems with View Contact History in Trillian 3.1? When I right-click on contacts or in IM windows and try to bring up the log, nothing seems to happen. This might be a Windows Vista file associations thing, but I haven't (to my knowledge) done anything untoward wtih those. My default viewer is Notepad.

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