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Microsoft Windows annozzlement

Things that rilly make me want to stretch some Microsoft epople on a rax:

1. Invisible folders (Administrative Tools)
2. IE6's crashiness
3. Blue screening acos of blank partitions
4. Media player wars

I like the way Who'really made the Windows XP Annoyances animal (acksherly the one for all Windows Annoyances) a Surinam toad.

Werefrogs and Cadillacs, Unearthly Music

[15:00] <Tripitaka> The werefrogs are uniting and will take over the earth.
[15:00] * WhiteFalcon grabs the werefrog and carries it up to his nest
[15:00] * WhiteFalcon has lnch

[16:06] * Spaceman-Spiff clambers out of his smoking ship
[16:09] <FanWriter> Spiff began to feel the thwivering qurob of his hidden lycanthropy threatening to burst forth
[16:10] <FanWriter> The alien responded, "You ate werefrog, lah." It looks dejected.
[16:11] <FanWriter> "No antidote -- you must visit Frog Empress and *repent*!"
[16:13] <FanWriter> The alien waggled its nose fans politely at the departing stranger.

[16:24] <FanWriter> The carnivorous rose grabs Spiff's head
[16:26] * Spaceman-Spiff should have known that Jedi mind-tricks have no effect on carniferns
[16:28] <FanWriter> The Frog Pwincess ribbits "yoj!"


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