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A strange game...

Apropos of the open-source discussions I've been posting lately, and the massforge-related thoughts I've been kicking around:
Does anyone here use, run, or develop any code, especially environment and character rendering code, for an open source MMORPG?
What do you recommend in the way of such code, for an interactive CGA or game environment? What are the real-time rendering advantages and disadvantages? Does it have a "batch mode" interface for rendering more detailed cut scenes?

OK, I had a few comments and questions about tonight's Sci-Fi Friday:

Batlestar Galactica

  • Cold open: Billy's blood's not even cold! (Yeah, yeah, it's been a month. Grumble.)

  • Boy, that was a quick couple of back-to-back promotions. You'd think he was Geordi LaForge or something. So, did he skip the rank of Colonel between Major and Commander? Does he outrank Tigh (XO of Galactica) now?

  • Yes, reproductive freedom is still a wedge issue even when there are only 49579 known surviving humans. My only quibble is that Roslin still seems to keep her own counsel to the benefit of no particular executive function. To wit, she didn't advise anyone - not the Quorum, not Billy's replacement, not Adama, etc. (Adama I can understand; it's not as if people are going to attempt assassination of Roslin over this, nor any violence, if Geminese protestors haven't attempted mayhem on Doc Cottle to date.)
    Question: When Roslin was issuing he executive order, was Naia (the Geminese girl first seeking an abortion, then asylum) actually still pregnant? That is, was the idea that Adama and Roslin gave Doc Cottle a free hand while they deliberated?
    The fallout from the Quorum of Twelve is going to be interesting. Look for newsvid spots from the Colonial Gang (is Maya, the reporter who Gaius dallied with, still around?) Lots of sound bites will surely air on how Baltar, as president, will restore a woman's right to choose. That's either an ironic reversal or a sign of his slide into complete villainy, depending on where you live on the political spectrum.

  • What gives with the count on Roslin's board? It's 49583 before the Pegasus fiasco and 49579 afterwards. There should have been six aboard the two Raptors alone! Did only the Pegasus CO die in the fight? Was there no casualty count from Pegasus yet? What about the Pegasus air group? Did everyone survive?

  • So, Starbuck returns to Galactica as CAG of the Bucket. (That just sounds... odd.) Interesting that the lateral transfer to Lee's old job confers no mutual congratulations from him, but then, perhaps he doesn't want her to become complacent. That, or it's that painful silence between them returning. I want to at least see whether Dee survives the rest of this season before commenting. Lee Adama has something of that James T. Kirk-meets-Samantha Carter death aura about him. ;-)

  • Next week: resurrection guilt! But.... her programming made her do it! Or did it? Stay tuned for an hour of AI angst! My favorite... more fun than you've had since ST:TNG's "Descent" (well, no, not really).

Stargate: SG-1

  • This episode triggered all of my recently-listed pet peeves. For example, what was the Chinese diplomat saying? Was she speaking Cantonese or was her accent just really weird? Later, I could have sword she screamed zhen1 zhao1 gao1 (lit. "truly messed up", i.e., what a fiasco, dammit) in normal Mandarin Chinese pronunciation. Michael Shanks' Chinese pronunciation sugests that he had the same linguistic coach as Sean Maher. :-P

  • Holodoc is a putz. He's less of a putz than Oldguy McPanicky and Frenchy the Wonder Coward, but he's still a putz.

  • With that kind of self-destruct, what was the point of attempting to secure the gamma site again? Just to protect the gate?

  • Why exactly did the bugs that poured out of the dead redshirt burrow right back into the ground? Are they that photophobic? If so, why the concerted attack at the end?

  • Is "old school" the name of a film or a term for a genre?

  • Next week: Now that's what I call a reset button episode. Bleh. When's Vala coming back as still-provocatively-dressed Prioress?

Stargate: Atlantis

First Holoputz and now O'Brien the evil dic...tator! Can they get Kate Mulgrew to do a cameo? She can be a mentally unstable wraith-fighter or someone willing to blow up her whole solar system to kill a Prior of the Ori - and she won't even have to change a thing about her performance as Admiral Psycho.

Oh, and speaking of births:
Happy birthday, Tripitaka!

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