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All that jazz

Wow, where did that weekend go? I still have work to finish!

I have recently discovered jazz and begun to appreciate Dizzy Gillespie and Bird for myself. Apropos of which: anyone have some good blue note or bebop icons? (Spike Spiegel and Jet Black, while good in their own right, just don't cut it in all such cases. ;-))

A rough segue, while I'm at it: I'm still looking for a good wireless VOIP solution - something that can run on the likes of an iPAQ H3635 (Intel StronARM 200MHz RISC, 32Mb RAM) or a COMPAQ Armada LTE 5250 (Intel Pentium 120MHz, 64Mb RAM). Does anyone have something home-grown? I'm still looking at Shoretel, which darana suggested, but it doesn't look suited to quite that low-end a machine. Skype for PocketPC, for comparison, requires an Intel strongARM 400MHz processor at a bare minimum.

An alternative I would consider is a longer-range Bluetooth or Zigbee-type wireless headset. All I need is to be able to use VOIP from anywhere in my house (or in a building such as Nichols Hall) without a subscription to any service. Actually running the VOIP software on my mobile device is not necessary - that is, just transmitting the audio signal (with whatever built-in codecs and/or transceivers the system uses) would be fine.

Tags: audio, bluetooth, ipaq, jazz, music, pocket pc, skype, telecommunications, wireless, zigbee

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